Why You Need A Postpartum Party

Tuan Tran / Getty Images

The first six weeks following the arrival of a new baby is one of the most exciting times in a new mom’s life, but man, is it exhausting. Most of the fanfare given to new babies happens before the little bundle of joy even arrives. Gender reveal parties, gift registries, and baby showers pave the road to delivery, but then what?

If you’re lucky, you get a couple homemade lasagnas in the wake of visitors, but for most new moms, the parade of visitors lasts about a week before we’re left to fend for ourselves. Oh, and our new baby.

Well, no offense, conventional methods, but there’s a better way. Behold the glory of the postpartum party! What’s a postpartum party, you ask? Unlike a baby shower, which lasts an afternoon, a postpartum party is six weeks of all the love and support new moms desperately need, complete with a meal train, laundry service, and mom-sitting.

That’s right, my friends, we said mom-sitting, like when someone comes to your house, throws in a load of laundry, washes a couple dishes, and lets you enjoy the glory of an uninterrupted shower in exchange for some baby snuggles. Let the postpartum partying commence.

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about how to make this happen for you.

1. Employ Your BFF to Make the Guest List or Forge Your Own Destiny

Invite all the people you want to see and none of the people you don’t. This is your party, so do you. Be sure to give them the 411 on party activities. That’s right, Bethany, you’re invited to a six-week-long celebration, including amazing activities like laundry folding, baby snuggling, and dinner delivery! (For me.)

And while we are talking about guests…

2. Establish Healthy Boundaries, Starting With Visiting Hours

Listen, there’s nothing worse than an unannounced visitor when you haven’t showered in three days and have a screaming baby hanging off your left breast. Trust us, visiting hours are a must. You can even send out a Google Calendar, so guests are able to plan their visit ahead of time, and you don’t end up in a hostage situation with Great Aunt Judy, two neighbors, and Cindy from spin class.

3. Tell People What You Need for Your Tiny Human

Dinner and house-cleaning are great, but don’t forget about those new baby items that constantly need replenishment, like diapers and wipes. Make a list of items friends and family can bring when they visit. Include things like lotion, diapers, and WaterWipes. WaterWipes are a must-have for the delicate skin of a newborn. Because WaterWipes are made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract, you can use them on every inch of your precious pumpkin without worry. And let’s be real, you haven’t truly joined the cult of motherhood until you’ve washed your face with a baby wipe or cleaned the dining room table with one, so maybe ask for a few extra packs of the world’s purest baby wipes, for personal use.

4. Set Up a Comfort and Care Registry

Most new moms are riding the struggle bus, just trying to keep the baby clean and fed, never mind taking care of yourself. Ask friends and family to donate their time and attention so you can get a little respite. Register for things like meal prep, housework, and caring for the baby so you can shower and nap. Grandma will gladly fold your laundry in exchange for baby snuggles. Include a meal train option so friends and family can drop off meals or have them delivered.

So, there you have it, mama. Say goodbye to the days of drop-in visitors who overstay their welcome, and hello to six glorious weeks of scheduled visitors, much-needed care packages, a postpartum maid service, and maybe even a nap or two.

This post was created in partnership with WaterWipes. WaterWipes are made with 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract so they’re gentle enough for baby’s soft skin and watery enough for a fake shower if you must.