Oops: Teachers Accidentally Ingest Pot Brownies Left In School Lounge

by Elizabeth Licata
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Three elementary school teachers accidentally ate some pot brownies that somebody left in the teachers’ lounge.

Three elementary school teachers in Michigan got a nice surprise last week when they found a plate of delicious chocolate brownies just sitting out in their teachers’ lounge. Then they got an unexpected bonus when it turned out the brownies had been laced with marijuana.

According to The Daily Meal, the teachers found the tasty snacks in the teachers’ lounge at Spring Mills Elementary School in Highland Township, Michigan, last week. They did not know where the brownies came from, but when most people find brownies sitting around their places of employment, they simply take one and do not question their good luck, especially when the brownies appear during the holidays.

Three of the teachers reportedly are known to have eaten the brownies. Not long after eating the brownies, one teacher reported feeling sick, went to the hospital, and tested positive for marijuana. At that point the police went to the school to retrieve the rest of the brownies for testing, and the crime lab said the brownies were full of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

It’s pretty amazing that there were any brownies left for the police to find, though. Normally brownies left out in employee break rooms and teachers’ lounges seem to last only a few minutes before being gobbled up by whoever got to them first. The teachers at Spring Mills must be abstemious educators, and that allowed the police to analyze the remaining treats.

After the first teacher went to the hospital, the two others said they also felt ill, but they did not bother seeking medical attention.

Police and school officials say the investigation into the mysterious pot brownies is still ongoing, but as yet nobody knows where the brownies came from or who left them in the teachers’ lounge.

Huron Valley Schools superintendent Jim Baker sent an email to let the staff know about the brownies and urged everyone to be cautious about what they put in their mouths.

“We urge you to be cautious, not only during this holiday season but at all time with all of the refreshments available,” he wrote.

That seems like a bit of a stretch. It’s perfectly normal for coworkers to leave treats out in employee break rooms, especially during the holidays, and it’s perfectly normal for people to eat the treats they find there. It was a freak event, but a person can’t tell from looking at a brownie that it has been dosed with pot, so there’s no way the teachers could have predicted this situation unless they walked around in a state of constant vigilance against unwrapped desserts and office snacks.

The police say they are not yet sure if pot brownies were left out on purpose or if the whole thing was just a bizarre and wacky accident, but the latter seems highly unlikely. Do the police think the school has a mysterious pot leak? Maybe someone was actually trying to make oregano brownies and grabbed the wrong bag. Or maybe, just maybe, someone thought it was a funny prank to leave a plate of marijuana brownies in the teachers’ lounge to see if they could get everybody high.

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