The 'Small Dog Who Hates Men And Children' Found His Forever Home

by Erica Gerald Mason

Prancer the chihuahua went viral for hating men and he’s found his forever home

You know that old saying? The one about every pot having a lid? Well, every dog must have a perfect owner, because Ariel Davis from New Haven, Connecticut, decided to volunteer as tribute.

People reports Davis found the refreshingly honest ad written by Prancer’s former foster parent Tyfanee Fortuna while scrolling through the social media platform.

Davis sought out the two-year-old adorable little jerk, described by his foster mother as a “Chucky doll in a dog’s body” — after his adoption ad went viral on Facebook earlier this month.

“I had a dog that I adopted probably about seven years ago, and I raised him from a puppy, and he was a Chihuahua/Jack Russel terrier mix,” said Davis. “He had a lot of the same qualities as Prancer, he was a little neurotic and he barked a lot and he didn’t work well with other people and other animals. I spent a lot of time working with him and understanding his personality and learning about myself through him.”

“Reading about Prancer brought back intense memories of the dog I still love so much,” she wrote in an email to the Second Chance Adoption League. “They were very similar in demeanor, and looking into Prancer’s eyes in those pictures, I saw the little sh-t Doodle I love so much (I say this lovingly!)… I am not looking to replace Doodle, but I am looking for a companion that I can take proper care of and give a loving home.”

After speaking to the shelter, Davis went to New Jersey to meet Prancer.

“We got there and we just connected,” Davis said. “Prancer took pretty well to me. Eventually, I took Prancer for a walk and he wasn’t nipping at me or biting at my heels. We just got along. With my story and the fact that I didn’t come off as incredibly crazy just kind of meshed and everything seemed to go well. He went home with me that day. He was a perfect little gentleman in the car.”

Prancer, who was said to have neurotic tendencies (honestly – same), has now been living in Davis’ house a little over a week and learning the ropes. He now has an Instagram account so his fans can keep up on his devilish ways.

“He’s actually really great on walks,” she said. “I’ve walked by people, there’s been other animals that have been on the other side of the street, he just kind of ignores them… We’re one week into the adoption and he’s really changed my life, too. We’re both adjusting.”

Like a true badass, Prancer is captivated by bear poop (probably trying to absorb some apex predator energy).

As part of Prancer’s adoption process, the adoption league said they hoped the petite hellraisers would find the perfect angel to put up with his shenanigans.

“We are hoping the extra interest sparked by Prancer’s surprising media craze will translate not only into him finding his perfect person but also into some of our other tougher little frenemies finding that as well,” the League posted on Facebook.

“Prancer would be so angry if he knew how much good he can accomplish!” Give ‘em hell, Prancer – keep putting the “dom” in “domesticated.”