This Baby Shower Card Is Pure Evil Genius

by Elizabeth Licata
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This cute, sentimental-looking prank baby shower card cries like a newborn for over three hours

Baby showers can be a bit boring, and the lack of alcohol does not help. But now there’s hope, because there’s nothing to liven up a dull party like a really good prank, and this crying baby shower card is a truly hilarious prank. It looks like an ordinary musical greeting card, but instead of playing a cute little tune, it cries like a hungry newborn and doesn’t stop. Seriously. The card just screams and screams for over three hours, and it won’t stop even if you tear it up or crush it. It just screams and screams. Welcome to parenting, guys.

The card is absolutely diabolical, and it’s pretty darn hilarious too. And heck, it’s a good lesson for any new parents to have. Real babies cry. Better get used to the idea now.

The baby shower prank card was developed by the evil geniuses at Joker Greeting, and it looks like an ordinary baby shower card. Actually, it looks pretty sentimental and schmaltzy. The front of the card features an adorable photo of an angelic sleeping baby, and it says, “A Baby is God’s Sweetest Gift,” in curly, formal script.

The sentimental, “ordinary shower card” illusion continues on the inside, where the card says, “a gift that keeps on giving.” To the unsuspecting, that sounds just like a vague blessing or generic nice thing to say, but it’s actually foreshadowing the hilarious evil to come.

Inside there is a little button with a musical note next to it. One presses the button expecting a cutsey little tune to play, but that’s when the card starts crying like only a newborn can cry.

“Oh, hahaha!” the recipient will laugh. But the crying will not stop. The recipient will push the button again, thinking maybe that will stop it, but pushing the button again just makes the crying get louder.

Now they will know what parenthood is really like! Because that card will just keep crying for three solid hours or more. It won’t stop if you tear up the card. It won’t stop if you crush it. It will just keep crying. Meanwhile everyone in the room will laugh and laugh.

Joker Greeting president Travis Peterson told The Daily Mail that he came up with the idea for the card because he is a parent himself.

“I have a three year-old and a baby due in February. I am familiar with this sort of noise,” he said. “We figured it was a great way to say: ‘welcome to parenthood.’ … It strikes a very particular and personal nerve – and yet it is still funny.”

The card sells for $10.99, but traumatizing your pregnant friends is priceless.

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