Pregnancy Brain is Real... And Dangerous

by Love Barnett
Originally Published: 

If you’ve ever experienced pregnancy, you’ve also no doubt experienced “pregnancy brain,” (followed, of course, by “baby brain” and then “I’m-a-mother-I-have-no-brain-left brain.”

As sufferers, we laugh about our newfound flakiness, share jokes about the crazy things we’ve done in our pregnancy-induced trances, and offer tongue-in-cheek warnings to the newly-expecting. But pregnancy brain isn’t really on the list of things we worry about — Lord knows we have enough to obsess about already.

Well, think again!

The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently published the results of a five-year, 500,000 participant study, which found a 42% increase in the instances of serious traffic accidents involving pregnant women drivers, versus non-pregnant female drivers. If there was ever proof that pregnant women need to be catered to and lift as few fingers as possible, this is it. Or, at least how we’re taking it.

Personal driver, anyone?

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