6 Reasons Pregnancy Sucks For Introverts

by Devan McGuinness
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Pregnancy is an awesome thing to experience. It’s full of moments you can’t compare to anything else and an experience so many wish they could have but can’t no matter how hard they try. You’re lucky, it’s magical…but it kinda sucks for introverts.

If you identify as an introvert—someone who finds energy in alone time, isn’t the greatest at expressing emotions, and has a small group of people they feel most comfortable around—pregnancy isn’t going to be catered to your strengths.

Here are six reasons pregnancy sucks for introverts:

1. Resting bitchface doesn’t counter the belly.

Resting bitchface (RBF) equals, basically, how to spot an introvert. It’s not a conscious choice to take the smile off our face while in public, but to say there aren’t perks would be a lie. Someone who doesn’t look thrilled isn’t a person a stranger is going to strike up a conversation with. But, for whatever reason, when you have a pregnant belly, no one looks at your RBF, and people you don’t know start asking you really personal questions. Regular conversations about the weather are hard enough for an introvert; asking how you’re going to keep your vagina in shape after birth? Dead.

2. All the belly touching.

I have this rule, if I can swing my arms and hit you, you’re too close to me. I like my space and need it for my sanity, and if you’re welcomed into my “bubble,” you’re one of very few. I don’t know where or when it became OK to rub a woman’s stomach because she’s growing a baby, but it’s like a real life nightmare for an introvert. Not only do you have to swat away the well-meaning touches from your family members, but people you don’t even know will come at you—making you karate chop their hand away and look like the one who crossed a line.

3. ‘OMG you must be so excited!’

There’s no doubt pregnancy is an exciting time, but loud phrases are like nails on a chalkboard for introverts. If you’re waiting for us to proclaim in all caps how we feel, you’ll be waiting forever. You’ll also be waiting forever to hear an overshare about hemorrhoids, and you can count us out for a live-tweet update about our birth.

4. Baby showers.

The center of attention isn’t something many introverts can stand for too long of a period. Baby showers, even just that phrase alone, brings up anxiety as the whole idea behind it is to have all eyes on you. Plus, there are the games where you have to interact with long-lost relatives, and the gift opening, and the reminding yourself that you have to fake the “oh my god, so excited!” so people don’t confuse you for an ungrateful robot.

5. ‘Put your legs up in the stirrups, please.’

Oh, that got your heartbeat going, didn’t it? No pregnant woman enjoys the invasion of space in one of the most literal senses of the word. Even though we know it’s coming, we’ll obsess over every aspect of it, making sure all the bits and pieces are put together so they judged while the doctor is getting way too close. Even worse is when the doctor tries to hold a conversation while doing their business in your business.

6. Alone space is like air, which means we’re holding our breath for nine months.

It’s for the better good, of course, but pregnancy means you’re never really alone. After a long day at work filled with soul-sucking meetings, you just want to lie down in a quiet room and regain some energy. But, instead of recharging alone with your own thoughts, you have a baby always wanting your attention by kicking you in the bladder, causing you to pee, then die of embarrassment.

Being an introvert does come with its unique struggles during pregnancy—and motherhood too. But don’t feel pressured to change who you are. There will be many times during your parenting phase that your quiet introspective nature will come in handy. Plus, the magic of RBF will eventually work again.

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