Week 21: Your Baby May Poop Inside You. Isn’t That BEAUTIFUL?

by Alison Bucalo
Originally Published: 

It’s pregnancy week 21, and here’s what’s going on…


Now that you’re definitely showing, get ready for people to piss you off. They mean well, but you certainly don’t need to hear them ask, “You’re huge; are you sure you’re not having twins?” while reaching for your belly. Yes, you are allowed to slap them.


There’s nothing like pregnancy to turn a woman into a hypochondriac, so be prepared to interpret every single ache, pain, or gas bubble as a sign that something is wrong. Most likely, it’s not, but doctors are used to dealing with neurotic moms, so put yours on speed dial. That’s why they get the big bucks!


Your baby is getting some nutrition by swallowing the amniotic fluid, which they can also taste now! If you think that’s sort of gross, then you probably don’t want to hear about how your wee one is turning that nutrition into meconium — the first sticky, black tar-like poop that will fill their first dirty diaper (that is, if they don’t poop in the womb during delivery). ISN’T GROWING A BABY BEAUTIFUL?


One of the most popular ways to distract yourself from the wonderment and/or torture of pregnancy is SHOPPING! To avoid going completely broke, visit thrift shops for maternity clothes or get some deals (and exercise) by walking around yard sales in search of baby gear you can get on the cheap. Just don’t buy a car seat that way. Car seats need to be up-to-date, not expired (did you know they expire?!?) and never have been in an accident.

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