Week 26: Here Are Some Quick Baby Registry Tips

Week 26: Here Are Some Quick Baby Registry Tips

by Alison Bucalo
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It’s pregnancy week 26, and here’s what to expect…


Let’s see, we mentioned heartburn and clumsiness, rib pain and backaches, so what else is there? Oh right, forgetfulness! DUH. You might come down with a major case of pregnancy brain that makes you forget why you walked into the room or blank out while you’re in the middle of a sentence. It’s okay, cut yourself some slack — your body has more important things to do right now than remember where your sunglasses are (psssst… they’re right on your head).


At this point, your uterus might be so big that it’s pushed your innie into an outie! Don’t worry, it’ll go back to normal after pregnancy.


As you dream about your baby’s arrival, know that your baby will start showing signs of REM sleep in the next few weeks. Your wee one’s wake/sleep patterns are developing, but they might be the opposite of yours because your motion rocks them to sleep, leaving them ready to party the moment you lie down. Get used to it, they’ll be keeping you awake for years to come!


It’s already the end of the sixth month, Scary Mommies, and nothing will take your mind off that weird pressure that feels like the baby’s falling straight through your pelvic floor like a baby shower!

If you’re having a baby shower, now’s the time to start thinking about registering for gifts. You probably thought this part would be fun, but don’t be surprised if it’s overwhelming and a little terrifying — not to mention exhausting if you try to do it at an actual store instead of online.

Some tips:

You CAN skip registering for clothes and blankets. People will buy those or give them to you anyway, and after your baby has their first onesie-shredding blowout, you’ll realize how pointless it was to agonize for 20 minutes over which color dinosaur was on the front.

Don’t be shy about asking for big ticket items. People like to go in on a gift together … especially that one guy in the office who didn’t actually chip in but sneaks his name onto the card anyway.

Do register for some practical things (diapers, diaper cream, wipes, etc) so you’ll have a stash to pull from when you’re running low. They might not be as much fun as a fancy stroller or adorable toy, but you’ll be glad to have them on hand so you don’t have to make that diaper run at 3 AM on a Sunday.

For your registry: Don’t be shy about asking for things for yourself, either (a spa day, a book to read while the baby naps, whatever). Especially if this isn’t your first baby and you already have a lot of the gear you’ll need.

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