Week 28: It’s Time To Find A Pediatrician For Your Baby

Week 28: It’s Time To Find A Pediatrician For Your Baby

by Alison Bucalo
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It’s pregnancy week 28, and here’s what’s going on…


Plan ahead for peace of mind. Are you going to create a birth plan for how you’d like your delivery to go? Remember you need to stay flexible, because things during labor and delivery rarely turn out the way you expect them to (plus it’s hard to predict how you might feel while everything’s actually happening). But it never hurts to give a little forethought to your preferences.

Some things you might consider:

Who do you want to have in the room with you? From just your partner to certain relatives or even medical students, you’d be surprised how crowded a delivery room can get!

Are you planning an unmedicated birth, or would you be perfectly happy getting your epidural RIGHT NOW, just in case?

Is there certain music, lighting, aromatherapy, etc., you’d like in the room?

Will your partner want to cut the cord? If you’re having a boy, will your baby be circumcised?

Are you going to breastfeed or formula feed? Do you want the baby to “room in” with you, or be taken back to the hospital nursery at night?


Around this time your doctor or midwife visits will increase to every two weeks. Let that be a reminder that you need to find a pediatrician for your baby, since they will be getting regular check-ups soon, too!


You are likely feeling that baby move every day now, so it’s time to start doing daily “kick counts” to make sure you’re feeling 10+ movements or flutters an hour. If you don’t, have a snack and lie down to count again — your baby was probably just sleeping and the rush of calories should wake them up. Hello, sugar rush!

Your baby can blink and has a full set of irresistible eyelashes, which — consider yourself warned — both daughters and sons will bat at you soon to get whatever they want. Those eyes are also developing the pigment that’ll dictate eye color at birth, but don’t get too attached: your baby’s eyes can change color anytime before their first birthday.


A car seat is not only important, but your hospital may not let you take your baby home without one. Get a good infant car seat that’s not expired. Many car seats snap into strollers, so you can have two for the price of one!

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