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Naming Your Baby Elizabeth? Bookmark These Cute Nicknames

Make way for Queen Elizabeth aka Lizzie!

by Team Scary Mommy
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Regardless of your age, you probably know at least one person named Elizabeth (or who goes by one of the many nicknames for Elizabeth, or has it as a middle name). How can we be so sure? The name Elizabeth has been one of the top-25 most popular girl names in the United States for more than a century. And unlike some names that are specific to a particular language or a handful of cultures, the name Elizabeth — or more accurately, its many variations in different languages — is used throughout the world.

And though it’s an undoubtedly classic name, there are so many nicknames for Elizabeth that it’s easy to give the timeless name a modern twist so that it never feels stuck in the past. In fact, with options ranging from Alisa to Zizi, there are nicknames for Elizabeth to fit every personality.

So, whether you’re still on the hunt for the perfect baby name or simply curious about this name, here’s what to know about its meaning, history, variations, and nicknames.

Meaning and History of the Name Elizabeth

The original form of Elizabeth is the Hebrew name Elisheva (אֱלִישֶׁבַע), which means “my God is an oath” or “My God is abundance.” The name appears in both the Old Testament and New Testament of the Christian Bible. Part of the popularity of the name Elizabeth also stems from the fact that many members of European royalty use it — most famously, Queen Elizabeth I of England (who reigned from 1558 to 1603), and Queen Elizabeth II, who has been the country’s reigning monarch since 1952. It’s also the name of a member of Hollywood royalty: actor Elizabeth Taylor.

While we tend to think of it only as a first name, Elizabeth can also be a last name. Its use as a surname is most common in the Netherlands (where it’s spelled “Elisabeth”). However, its popularity peaked in the Middle Ages — especially after Elisabeth, Duchess of Thuringia, was canonized around 1230.

Variations of the Name Elizabeth

With such a long history, many versions of the name Elizabeth exist in many different languages. Here are a few examples of the variations and where they’re from:

  • Elisabeta, Elisa, Liza, Izabela (Albanian)
  • Ilisapesi (Tongan)
  • Irihāpeti (Māori)
  • Aelswith, Aelswithia, Elesabeth, Elyzabeth (English)
  • Ilisabek (Coptic)
  • Alžběta, Eliška (Czech)
  • Alžbeta (Slovak)
  • Ealasaid (Scottish Gaelic)
  • Ealisaid (Manx)
  • Elesbed (Breton)
  • Elizabete, Isabel, Elisabete (Portuguese)
  • Eliisabet, Eliise (Estonian)
  • Elikapeka (Hawaiian)
  • Elisa (Turkish)
  • Elizabeti (Swahili)
  • Elisabet (Catalan, Danish, Finnish, German, Spanish, Swedish)
  • Elísabet (Icelandic)
  • Elisabeta (Romanian)
  • Élisabeth (French)
  • Elisabeth (Catalan, Danish, Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish)
  • Elisabetta (Italian)
  • Elisávet (Greek)
  • Zabéta (Greek)
  • Elisaveta (Bulgarian)
  • Alžbieta (Belarusian)
  • Elisheba, Elisheva (Hebrew)
  • Elixabete (Basque)
  • Elizabeta (Albanian, Croatian, Bosnian, Slovene)
  • Elizabete (Basque, Latvian)
  • Ellijabeseu (Korean)
  • Elsbeth (Dutch, German, Scots, Swiss German)
  • Elspeth (Scots)
  • Êlizabét (Vietnamese)
  • Elizabeta, Jelisaveta (Serbian, Macedonian)
  • Yelizaveta, Yelyzaveta (Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Elizabet (Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Elžbieta, Elzbute (Lithuanian)
  • Elżbieta (Polish)
  • Erizabesu (Japanese)
  • Erzsébet (Hungarian)
  • Isabella (Italian, Dutch)
  • Isabelle (French, Dutch)
  • Isabel (Spanish, Dutch)
  • Yeghisabet (Armenian)
  • Elsabet (Armenian)
  • Yīlìshābái (Chinese Traditional)
  • Ēlijābētha (Bengali)
  • Ēlizābēth) (Hindi)
  • Elizabyet (Mongolian)
  • Ēlijābētha) (Nepali)
  • Ilīsabata) (Punjabi)
  • Elicapet) (Tamil)
  • Elisābeṭh (Thai)
  • Eʻlyzabeta (Yiddish)

Nicknames for Elizabeth

With so many nicknames for Elizabeth to choose from, it’ll be hard to pick your favorite. Here are some to consider:

  1. Abby: father's joy
  2. Alisa: great happiness
  3. Babette: oath of God, or God is satisfaction
  4. Bea: bringer of happiness, blessed
  5. Bee: she who brings happiness
  6. Belita: beautiful
  7. Beta: my God is bountiful, or God of plenty
  8. Belize: muddy waters
  9. Belle: beautiful
  10. Bess: pledged to God
  11. Bessie: house, God's promise
  12. Beth: house
  13. Bethan: God is perfection
  14. Betka: pledged to God
  15. Betsy: daughter or worshipper of God
  16. Bette: God’s promise
  17. Bettina: God is satisfaction
  18. Billie: determination or strength
  19. Birdie/Birdy: bright, famous or little bird
  20. Betta: God is my oath
  21. Bethee: house of God
  22. Betty: oath of God
  23. Bizzy: pledged to God
  24. Buffy: oath or sabbath
  25. Effy: well-spoken
  26. Eilís/Éilis: God's promise
  27. Ella/Ela: all, completely; or fairy maiden
  28. Elisa: God is a promise
  29. Elise: pledged to God
  30. Elixane: pledged to God
  31. Eliza: joy
  32. Elize: God's promise
  33. Elle: she
  34. Ellie: light
  35. Elsa: God is my oath
  36. Elsie: my god is bountiful
  37. Elsy: God's promise
  38. Elza: noble
  39. Etta: Keeper of the hearth
  40. Etti: myrtle leaf
  41. Ibby: Devoted to God
  42. Ilsa: God's promise
  43. Isa: salvation of God, strong-willed
  44. Isabelita: God's promise
  45. Isla: island
  46. Izzie/Izzy: God's promise
  47. Lea: delicate; weary; meadow or pasture
  48. Lela: black beauty

More Nicknames for Elizabeth

  1. Betusca
  2. Lettie
  3. Lib
  4. Libby
  5. Liddy
  6. Liesl
  7. Lilibet
  8. Lilli
  9. Lisa
  10. Lisbet
  11. Lise
  12. Lisett
  13. Liz
  14. Liza
  15. Lizbeth
  16. Lizina
  17. Lizzie
  18. Lizzo
  19. Lydda
  20. Tibby
  21. Tess
  22. Tetty
  23. Thea
  24. Tina
  25. Yza
  26. Zabby
  27. Zabella
  28. Zabeth
  29. Zea
  30. Zella
  31. Zibby
  32. Zizi

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