Baby Bump Sheet Masks Are All The Rage

by Christina Marfice
Image via YouTube/Insider

Why should faces get all the pampering?

If there’s anyone out there that deserves every spa treatment the world can dream up, it’s pregnant moms-to-be. Think about it — they’re growing literal new humans inside their bodies. They’re dealing with morning sickness and heartburn and swollen feet and a growing organism inside of them that hogs all their energy. Mamas, put your feet up and relax, because this new spa treatment is just for you.

Wanting to give pregnant women all the pampering they deserve, Hatch has designed a genius new product: sheet masks for your baby belly.

Image via Hatch Collective

They work just like the facial masks that have long been Korean beauty staples, and have gained popularity in western culture in recent years. You just pull your pre-moistened mask out of its packaging, apply it to your belly and relax while it works its magic. Preferably with a virgin mojito in hand, because you deserve it.

Hatch’s belly masks come loaded with aloe vera, which means they’re super hydrating and will take care of any dryness in your skin. They also contain propolis, a plant-based ingredient that’s supposed to help fade scars. You know what that means: Say goodbye to stretch marks!

The masks come individually packaged and look just like sheet masks you would buy for your face, minus the eye, nose and mouth holes. They’re also decorated with a very Instagram-worthy blinking eye design, meaning not only are you doing something great for your skin, but you’re gonna look cute in the process. At $12 a pop, belly masks are a little pricier than the face masks that have cropped up at Walgreens and Target, but can you put a price on this level of relaxation? We say no. Treat yo’self. You’re literally growing a new human. You absolutely deserve this.

Image via Hatch Collective

As beautiful as it is, there are a lot of things about pregnancy that are less than fun. With these belly masks, you can kick back and enjoy some relaxation, knowing you’re taking great care of your skin at the same time.