This Badass Mom Celebrates Her Pregnancy Milestones With Hip-Hop Dances

by Leah Groth
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Allison Holker’s perfectly choreographed dance moves with Stephen “Twitch” Boss are serious couple goals, mostly because she is just weeks from giving birth

At 36 weeks pregnant, most of us were struggling to get up off our couch. Not only can the third trimester of pregnancy be exhausting, but having to carry around that huge ass belly is serious work. That being said, it is very rare to see an extremely pregnant woman out on the dance floor busting a move.

Allison Holker has been celebrating pregnancy milestones the jazziest way possible — by bumping and grinding with husband Stephen “Twitch” Boss in a series of social media videos that have their followers going wild. Okay, disclaimer: they are both professional dancers. Holker is a Dancing with the Stars pro, while Boss was a runner up on 2008’s So You Think You Can Dance and one of Ellen’s go-to DJs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. It is literally their jobs to dance, she Holker hasn’t let the fact that a baby is going to pop out of her belly at any given moment slow her down one bit.

For example, in her latest video posted Friday celebrating her 36th week of pregnancy, Holker and hubby refuse to miss a beat while dancing to a jazzy tune.


I personally prefer her slow-jam moves at 35 weeks to the tune of Brandy’s “Baby.” She seriously kills it, flaunting her belly in a crop top. Also, it is super adorable when her hubby incorporates her bump into his dance moves.

Of course, the couple has also done a Beyonce routine — they uploaded a dance to honor Queen B’s birthday. Granted, Holker was only 31 weeks at the time, but pretty much nailed every single one of Bey’s trademark moves like it was nobody’s business.

It appears the couple started chronicling their pregnancy with dance when Holker was six months along. Every video they have shared since has been as impressive as the next.

“I absolutely love to dance, I love my husband and I love being pregnant,” Holker captioned a YouTube video of one of their amazing dances. “So why not put all those things together in one! We had a good time dancing with our BOOGIE SHOES!”

The couple also has a blog, The Boss Family, where Holker shares pregnancy workout videos.

This isn’t Holker’s first time to the pregnancy rodeo. She is already mother to a daughter, from a previous relationship, and has a son with Boss.

Holker isn’t the only pregnant woman with serious moves. Back in 2016, we were seriously floored by a pregnant pole dancer on social media who could literally do the splits while carrying around an incredibly large bump.

If you are in your third trimester — or even three years postpartum — use these badass pregnant ladies as inspiration to get up and dance!

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