'I'm Not Ashamed': Pregnant Meteorologist Defends Bump Against Nasty Viewers

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook

A pregnant meteorologist recently found herself on the receiving end of cruel feedback from viewers. Some were displeased with how she dresses her bump and felt it pertinent to let her know. Pregnant women are people too, and their shape and the way they dress are none of anyone’s business.

Cindy Morgan is on television daily for her job reporting the weather for ABC 6 News and as such, hears from fans often. She’s expecting her second child and is now very visibly pregnant. After hearing some negative comments about her wardrobe choices, she took to Facebook to stand up for herself:

In her post, she says, “I’ve been told to wear maternity clothes (which I do), I look like I’m about ready to tip over, I show too much of my belly, and my choice in clothes is distasteful and disrespectful. Those are just a few comments folks have emailed or said to me.” She admits that these comments are stealing a bit of joy from her as she waits for her baby girl to arrive and closes by saying, “I proudly say I’m not ashamed of my bump. I will embrace my pregnancy and will gladly continue to visually offend those who disagree.”

Nor should she be ashamed. Last we checked, the Dark Ages are long over and gone are the days where pregnant women had to hide their “condition” or wear a muumuu in order to please some asshole’s delicate sensibilities. Morgan acknowledges in her Facebook post that some of the mean comments are likely “rooted in “old” thinking,” and notes how outdated that concept is. She’s absolutely right. Not to mention, in the photos she shows on her Facebook page, she looks amazing. Not only is her clothing beyond tasteful and appropriate, she looks beautiful and healthy. Anyone who has a problem with how she dresses needs to check themselves. Even if she wanted to wear a bikini top on air, it’s positively none of their business.

Fortunately, her fans and fellow female employees at ABC 6 News are coming out in support of Morgan. Many pregnant viewers sent in photos of themselves proudly displaying their baby bumps and her co-workers are staunchly defending her as well. KAAL’s news director, David Springer, took to Facebook to speak out against those who sent negative comments to Morgan saying, “We here at ABC 6 News support the strong, professional women that work here, especially those who continue to put in all the necessary hours while also being pregnant. We are banding together and supporting Cindy.”

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for some women in regard to how they feel about their bodies and the last thing they need is criticism. Anyone with the “old-school” mentality about how a pregnant woman “should” dress needs to join 2015 and understand that it’s not like that anymore and that moms should feel free to wear whatever they’re comfortable in. It’s great to see so many people supporting Morgan and hopefully, this story going viral will drive home the point to those criticizing her that they were completely in the wrong and owe her an apology.