Pregnant Meteorologist Goes A Whole Week Without Being Body-Shamed By Viewers, Celebrates

by Ashley Austrew
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This pregnant meteorologist says a week without being body-shamed is a new record

Pregnancy is full of reasons to celebrate, but a pregnant Kentucky meteorologist just marked a milestone that will make women everywhere cringe. Wave3‘s Lauren Jones celebrated on Thursday because she’d gone an entire week without being body-shamed by viewers.

Jones’ co-anchor, John Boel posted a photo of the meteorologist on his professional Facebook page, along with a caption that read, “We are celebrating today because Lauren has gone one week without someone saying something mean to her about baby weight gain. That’s a new record. Big day is only 9 weeks away!”

Jones — who looks freaking amazing, by the way — is pregnant with her third child and says she’s endured harsh criticism from both viewers and strangers regarding her changing body. In the comments on Boel’s post, he says Jones was devastated one day when a woman at the grocery store “went off about how much time was still left and how big she thought Lauren already was.” Jones has also gotten criticism from viewers about her clothing choices and weight gain.

Interestingly enough, the comments on Boel’s post were overwhelmingly positive, but Jones also shared the post to her own page, and the comments there? Not quite as nice. There were still a lot of supportive ones, of course, but here’s just a sampling of some of the ugly things people said:

“I liked it better when ‘expecting’ women somewhat covered their bellys… [sic] with appropriate clothing…”
“I am not going to bring her down but I believe that women should not wear such tight clothes. I am not a prude, it just would be more appropriate.”
“Maybe they say mean things cause the dress is too tight for her to be wearing.”
“You do look beautiful but watch what you wear, this dress does nothing for you.”

Really, people? Way to break her no-shaming record by being a bunch of haters.

Jones is not the first TV news personality to deal with rampant body-shaming. A few months ago, an ABC6 meteorologist called out body-shamers on Facebook after she received many of the same comments Jones is getting. A little over a year ago, a meteorologist for Global BC News actually addressed body-shaming on the air and pleaded with viewers to please keep their hurtful opinions to themselves.

Any woman who’s ever been pregnant knows you get random rude comments from strangers sometimes, but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope. Pregnancy makes a lot of women feel swollen, tired, lethargic, and cranky. The last thing we need is a bunch of assholes telling us we’re getting fat or that our clothes look too tight. I mean, what kind of miserable human being do you have to be to feel totally justified in saying those things to someone?

Commenting on pregnant women’s bodies is never okay, and it’s important that Jones and her colleagues are speaking out because it helps all those clueless meanies out there finally get the memo. Pregnant women have enough to deal with; they don’t need your opinions. The only “body-shaming record” a pregnant lady should need to celebrate is nine long, blissful months without anyone saying a damn word about how she looks.

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