Husbands Take To Twitter To Talk About Life With A #PregnantWife

Husbands Take To Twitter To Talk About Life With A #PregnantWife

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The struggle is real when you have a #PregnantWife

Being pregnant is hard. You know what else is hard? Living with a pregnant woman. I won’t say that it’s harder than actually being pregnant, because, hello. But dealing with the emotions, hormones, and requests of a pregnant partner can definitely be a challenge.

That’s why the hashtag #PregnantWife has become so popular on Twitter — dudes have 99 problems and their pregnant wife is apparently like, 97 of them.

The tweets are hilarious, light-hearted, and manage to sum up every minor obstacle a husband faces when trying to please his wife as she incubates their offspring. She wants her foods — and she wants them now. God help you if you touch the thermostat once she’s happy with the temperature, and don’t even think about turning down her request to put up the Christmas tree whenever she damn well pleases. It’s your pregnant wife’s world, bro — you just live in it.

Better head home — and bring nachos to be safe. 

OK, this is a legitimate problem that needs solving and also, the reason I primarily wore flip-flops all winter in my very snowy climate while pregnant with my son. Until someone figures this out, it’s on the husbands.

Don’t take it personally if food tops every other thing in her life. 

You said “love.” She said “chips and dip.” When you’re pregnant, that shit is automatic.

This is more than reasonable. 

If she needs it out in July you best get on it, buddy.

You better be.