Preschoolers Suggest Names For Pregnant Teacher's Baby, Hilarity Ensues

by Elizabeth Licata

Some preschoolers have hilarious suggestions for what their pregnant teacher should name her baby.

Any expectant parents out there who are looking for some good, creative baby names should stop browsing the myriad of baby-naming sites on the Internet and just head over to the nearest preschool. One preschool class was recently asked what their pregnant teacher should name her upcoming baby, and their suggestions were priceless.

“My cousin is a preschool teacher and asked her students to suggest names for the baby she is expecting,” wrote a Reddit user going by MegPie_01. “It went well.”

Image via Imgur

According to an exceedingly adorable image that MegPie_01 posted, some of the names the class suggested are delightful, everyday names like Wanda, Lucy, Sally, Gracie, Sawyer, Anna, and Rooney. But if Miss Julie is looking for a baby name that is unique, creative, or decidedly not basic, she could also consider “Dog,” “Racecar,” “Cindy Elf,” “Potato,” or “Grandma.”

Potato is really a standout, but “Assie” cannot be discounted. Of course, Grandma gets bonus points because it was suggested as the name for a baby boy.

If Miss Julie wants an ordinary-sounding name, she had better not have a boy, because the only “ordinary” boy names on the list are Henry and Rooney, and Henry does not really count because it appears to have been suggested by the other teacher.

If the preschool teacher responsible for putting together this very cute poster somehow managed to keep a straight face while listing baby names, she deserves an Oscar. In fact, she should probably consider taking up a career as a professional card player, because it would take one heck of a poker face to not burst out laughing when a child suggests naming the baby “Assie.”

Some of these names may sound a little outlandish at first, but we’re virtually guaranteed to see some of them start coming true as the world gets more celebrity babies. One could easily imagine Kanye West and Kim Kardashian adding a little “Racecar West” to their family, for example.

Maybe schools full of small children have been the secret behind celebrity baby names for years. Famous people seem to have a habit of giving their babies creative or surprising names. In a few years, one can just imagine a university admissions director looking at a stack of applications and thinking, “Iphigenia Dreamboat? Her parents must be movie stars!”

Of course, it may have seemed strange at first to hear of children called Apple or Pilot Inspektor, but naming trends change, and by the time little North West came around, Apple seemed practically ordinary.

Miss Julie probably already has some names picked out for her baby, but one can’t help but hope that she takes some of these suggestions under consideration. Lucy and Wanda are lovely names, but her baby will need a middle name, and Cindy Elf Racecar does have a certain ring to it.