Prince Harry Hugs A Fellow Redhead Thanks To Her Attention-Grabbing Sign

by Thea Glassman
Image via WPA Pool/Getty

Prince Harry shared an insanely cute moment with a pint-sized, fellow redhead

Ever wonder how you can catch the eye of Prince Harry? It doesn’t hurt to be a tiny, adorable child with the same bright orange hair as the royal. A four-year-old girl named Eliza shared a hug with the prince after he noticed her holding a sign, which read: “#GingersUnite I <3 You Harry.” There’s video from their meeting and you’re going to need to prepare yourself for a few seconds of pure, unadulterated, red-headed sunshine.

First of all, let’s meet Eliza. She showed up to see Prince Harry rocking a fire engine red jacket with a fur collar. A+ royal fashion game right there. She was also toting a sign that proudly claimed her ginger-hood.

The prince caught sight of her sign and promptly made his way over. “Can I give you a hug?” he asked, and the two gingers embraced. It didn’t end there, though. Harry asked her what her name was, wanted to know if she loved the color of her hair, and double checked that she was warm in her coat.

Oh yeah, and he also noted that “gingers rule.” Their whole interaction will make you beam wildly.

This isn’t the only ridiculously adorable moment that’s involved Prince Harry and children. It seems the dad-to-be with wife Meghan Markle has always had a way with the little ones. He bonded last fall with a little Australian boy who was loving his beard and wanted multiple hugs. The kind royal was only too happy to oblige his bitty fan.

Then there was that time that he gently guided a lost child back to his parents during a massive meet and greet. Be still our entire hearts.

Then, there was that other time that he hung out with a bunch of cute babies. Get ready for your ovaries to burst.

And – a personal favorite – that time a little girl boldly and continuously ate popcorn out of Harry’s bag. The interaction that followed will warm your icy, wintry heart.

Here’s hoping for more Prince Harry/cute kid content in 2019. Cannot and will not ever get enough.