Royal Family Releases New Photos Of Prince Louis For His 2nd Birthday

by Christina Marfice
Kate Middleton Took Prince Louis' Adorable 2nd Birthday Pics
Kensington Palace/Twitter

Prince Louis is 2, and he might be the cutest royal baby yet

The royal kids just grow up way too fast. It seems like every time we blink they’ve grown another foot or started a new class at school or celebrated another birthday, and that’s definitely the case with Prince Louis, the youngest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who just turned two. Honestly, where does the time go? It feels like just yesterday we were watching Kate emerge on the hospital steps holding her new tiny prince in her arms. That was two years ago? We can’t even believe it.

And as has been their custom with the youngest royals, the Palace marked the big day by releasing a set of new photos of Prince Louis. This is a big deal, because the Royal Family keeps their youngest close to the fold, and we don’t get to see the royal kids out in public too often. These photos are often some of the only glimpses we get of these adorable royal babies as they grow up.

Duchess Kate has proven to be quite the photographer, and the last few of her kids’ birthdays have featured photos she took herself on the Royal Family’s various properties around Britain. The new photos of Prince Louis were taken in April, and show the sweet prince doing a rainbow colored finger painting project.

Like any two-year-old given access to finger paints, Louis didn’t exactly keep the bright colors on paper — or even just his hands.

Kensington Royal / Instagram

Kensington Royal / Instagram

But here’s a photo of the finished project, and we think it’s safe to say Louis is quite the little budding artist.

Kensington Royal / Instagram

Plus, like all the royal babies who came before him, Prince Louis is just so stinking cute he could get away with anything in our eyes. He looks an awful lot like his dad, and he’s an absolute ringer for his big brother, Prince George.

Kensington Royal / Instagram

Oh, and the Palace blessed us with these delightful “Instagram vs. Reality” outtakes.

Happy birthday, Prince Louis! We hope the day was filled with all the finger-painting fun you could handle.