When Student's Babysitter Falls Through, Professor Steps Up In A Big Way

by Maria Guido

What do you do when you are a mom of two, a college student, and your babysitter falls through at the last minute before an important exam? When one mom was left in this situation, she followed her friend’s suggestion of bringing a tablet and letting them play in the hall outside her class.

In reality, you can’t always rely on children to follow a plan. The kids quickly began making noise, as kids are wont to do. It was then that her professor,Dr. Daniel Krebs, went into the hall to entertain the students while mom finished her exam. Victoria Henry snapped a photo of her friend’s kids and the professor and shared it on her Facebook page:

This professor could have told his student to tend to her children: he could have responded in a million different ways. He chose to help. He chose to see the reality of the situation and respond with kindness. We need more people like him around.

Parenthood has the potential to disrupt the best laid plans. It would be easier for a mother to say “I can’t do this right now, I have too much going on” than to make the effort to find constant childcare and balance college with life as a mom. It’s also easier for an onlooker to judge this particular parenting decision than take a moment to grasp what it would be like to be in this position. Yes, ideally she would not have brought her children to school, potentially disturbing others. But sometimes in life you are really without options and are left to make the best decision you can in that moment.

In those moments, when you really need someone to step up and help you and they do life is so much less overwhelming. It’s why we should never stop sharing these stories of people who go the extra mile to help. Individual acts of kindness are what truly make the world a better place — and they’re something that everyone can accomplish.