Professor’s Tweets Go Viral When No One Shows Up For Class

by Mike Julianelle
Originally Published: 

When not a single student showed up to class, a professor made lemons into lemonade, via Twitter

It’s always a bit embarrassing to be stood up by your date, but what if you’re stood up by an entire class? That’s what happened to one professor, who shared the hilarious tale of his loneliness on Twitter.

When not a single student showed up to class, Professor Adam Heath Avitable posted a series of tweets about his long, lonely wait for minds to mold.

Using the hashtag #Classwatch2017, Avitable’s tweets trace the professor’s slow descent into madness as he waits… and waits… and waits for someone – anyone! – to show up. He refers to himself as a “storyteller” and “comedian” in his Twitter bio, so we thought we’d let his tweets speak for themselves.

Now that is hilarious, and maybe a little heartbreaking. But Avitable better be careful – this story was so entertaining, his students might continue to skip his class in the hope that he crafts a sequel.

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