Proffee, Protein Coffee, Could Be Your New Morning Go-To

by Colleen Dilthey Thomas
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If you are a coffee drinker and you need it, you need it. I get it. The little pep in your step that you get from a dose of caffeine can make all the difference on a crazy morning. But what if there was more? What if in addition to getting a jolt from caffeine you could also toss in a little protein for good measure? Tell. Us. More. Say hello to your new morning go-to —proffee”. Protein plus coffee gives this drink a cute name and a great energy boost for you. But is this proffee really magic in a cup? Some say, absolutely.

We all know the spiel about a balanced diet. This comes from numerous sources; including, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. In addition to the needs, we have our wants. Proffee gives you a bit of both. Your desire for coffee meets a need for protein in a delicious marriage that has the experts saying, “Go for it!”

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Jamie Nadeau told Scary Mommy that she loves proffee and its benefits. It is a great way to add protein to your diet. But, she warned, you shouldn’t rely on protein coffee as a meal replacement. “Most protein shakes, especially the pre-made ones, are not very balanced with nutrients. They are typically pretty low carbohydrate and just protein, which for most people is not enough to keep you full and satisfied for the whole morning.”

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Another great benefit to mixing a protein shake with your coffee is that you are packing the cup with flavor and not a lot of added sugar that you find in many coffee house drinks. Sure, they are delicious, but good for you? No, not so much. But be careful being your own barista, you too can be adding too much sugar to your protein coffee. Watch the added grams in your protein shake and any extras you may put in with a pump of your favorite flavored-syrup.

Nadeau mentioned that there are several varieties of delicious protein shakes on the market that go great with a cold brew. She also said that mixing protein and coffee is nutritionally fine and no different than having a cup of coffee with eggs in the morning. She added that combining caffeine and protein is always a better idea than drinking caffeine alone.

So we know that it’s safe to drink it, but are there any real benefits? Again, some say, absolutely. According to a recent article in HuffPost, many Americans are already getting more than their recommended daily allowance of protein, so proffee isn’t really a necessity. But there is certainly a portion of the population who are not; this includes vegetarians, vegans and those with extremely intense workout regimens.

We know that coffee has benefits, but what are they? Healthline outlines 13 benefits for drinking coffee, that runs the gamut. Here are some highlights.

Coffee Can Actually Make You Smarter And Increase Your Energy Levels

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Coffee is great for giving you a boost of energy, that’s a given. But you may not know that when it is absorbed into your bloodstream it can help brain function like memory, reaction times and just general mental function.

Coffee Is Filled With Nutrients

You can get a blast of nutrients with just one cup of coffee, that knocks out some of your recommended daily intake; including, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese and potassium and magnesium and niacin. Plus, lots of people have several cups of joe a day, which increases these nutrients.

Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes And Alzheimer’s Disease

Courtesy of Colleen Thomas

Courtesy of Colleen Thomas

There is no solid reason behind it, but coffee drinkers tend to be at lower risk for diabetes, with one study showing reductions of up to 67%! Additionally, those coffee drinkers are also at a lower risk for Alzheimer’s with several studies showing reduced risks of 65%.

Coffee Can Actually Make You Happier and Ward Off Depression

Does coffee make you happy? You are not alone. A 2011 Harvard study showed that women who drank at least 4 cups of coffee per day had a 20% lower risk of depression.

Piedmont Healthcare also shared info about protein and why it’s important. Protein can help with reducing appetite and fighting hunger and increase your muscle mass and strength. Protein helps regulate your hormones. It also boosts your metabolism and helps oxygenate the blood.

I was curious if this new trend was really all it’s cracked up to be, so I tasked my resident coffee connoisseur, my husband, with giving it a shot. He mixed a regular cup of black coffee with a Premier Protein Banana Shake, and he gave it a thumbs up. It gave him the boost he wants in the morning and actually helped to fill him up and stay satisfied longer.

Coffee and protein are great separately and even better together. So should proffee be your new morning drink? The experts agree it’s a go. If you are looking for a boost with some great health benefits, give proffee a shot. It may make getting going in the morning that much easier.

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