DeeDee Moore

When DeeDee Moore found out she was going to be a grandmother, she searched the internet for advice on establishing a strong relationship with her grandchildren. When she couldn’t find a website that offered what she wanted, she started one. More Than Grand is like a bridge from parent to grandparent, focusing on how to support new parents while enjoying your new role as a grandparent.

DeeDee found her 20+ years as a military spouse was excellent preparation for this stage in life. Just like the military, grandchildren often require a quick change of plans with no complaining. Her very first job as grandmother, after quickly meeting her three-day-old grandson, was to drive across the country with her exhausted son so he didn’t fall asleep behind the wheel on his way to a new job. (She then flew back to help his wife with the baby until she felt well enough to join him.)

Her time as an elementary school office lady was also helpful: as a grandparent, you need to be calm in the face of whatever is thrown at you, whether it’s a split-open chin or people (usually parents) with irrational requests.

But she found her years as a communications consultant have been the most useful. Being a more-than-grand grandparent means having a more-than-grand relationship with your grandchildren’s parents. And that all comes down to how you communicate with them: Asking the right questions, listening carefully, and making sure you are clear about your intentions. You can find out what else she tells grandparents at

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Cut The Boomer Grandparents A Little Slack

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I know, I know — but hear me out.