Emma Coblentz

Emma is a West Coast-based story-teller and single mom to four children. By day, she is managing editor for USA TODAY’s Trending News Desk. By night (and sometimes wee hours of morning) she is a passion writer covering special needs parenting, family dynamics and parenting hacks.

Food For Thought

Your "Picky Eater" Could Actually Have Food Aversion, & It's A Vital Distinction

ByEmma Coblentz

Matthew Broberg-Moffitt, an autistic chef and author of Color Taste Texture, helps explain.

A Must-Read, Mamas

Dear Neighbor, You’ll Have Autistic Trick-Or-Treaters Soon. Here’s What Their Parents Want You To Know.

ByEmma Coblentz

Autism families surveyed share their anxieties around trick-or-treating, and what their neighbors can do to help.

Help Is Here

How To Ask For A Divorce, According To Renowned Psychoanalyst Dr. Robin Stern

ByEmma Coblentz

Thinking of serving your spouse a marital eviction notice? Here are some prompts to soften the blow.