Hanna LoPatin

Hanna LoPatin has told stories from Hollywood to Madison Avenue and back. She specializes in finding human truths and milking them for laughs. Hanna spent years in the entertainment industry, writing and producing for such shows as Hollywood Darlings, Stevie TV, Then & Now with Andy Cohen and more shows you’ve never heard of. She even wrote an award-winning musical parody of Jersey Shore that played Off-Off-Broadway (it’s a real thing.)

In search of stability, she moved into advertising but has always continued to write her truth in comedy. You can find her work in publications like, Romper, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle. After giving birth to her first and only child in the prime of a worldwide pandemic, Hanna and her family left Hollywood and returned to their hometown in suburban Detroit. She loves raising her son near family, but does miss the weather and celebrity sighting in California. You can find more of Hanna’s work on hannalopatin.com

B is for Body

Help! I Think Blippi Is Kinda Hot

ByHanna LoPatin

My husband can’t complain. He’s got a thing for Ms. Rachel.