Kahmeela Adams-Friedson

She has been called a "pop culture savant" with particular expertise in all things '80s, '90s and Horror film. After producing and hosting several podcasts dedicated to film and telling stories of women and artists of all mediums, she consistently brings delight and discovery to the art of the interview — just ask Gloria Rueben. Kahmeela has designed a career that allows her to create in multiple areas of media. Her opinions on life, film, and literature can be found on many podcasts, in the Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Magazine, Looper and BUST Magazine, just to name a few.

If you fancy yourself a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you can listen to her ReVisiting Sunnydale Podcast, where she and her co-host rewatch the cult classic with more mature eyes.

Wait a minute

That Time I Had Beef With A Preschooler

ByKahmeela Adams-Friedson

Nobody prepares you for the brutally savage remarks that come from children.