Renata Sellitti

Renata Sellitti is a freelance journalist and recovering New Yorker. Now based in the Hudson Valley, she lives with her husband, young son, and beagle at the base of a mountain — a far cry from the studio apartments she occupied as a city dweller.

Renata's career in media has spanned many avenues, some digital and some admittedly pre-digital. Formerly an entertainment news producer at MTV and Vh1 where she spent years writing scripts, interviewing her musical idols, and surfing the festival and red carpet circuit, she eventually transitioned into regulation journalism, but pop culture never lost its appeal. Stints as a party reporter, television reviewer, and dating columnist followed, as did a solid run as an ad agency Creative Director, and eventually marrying the editorial side with brand storytelling for clients, which proved to be a natural fit.

As a freelance lifestyle contributor, she has written about everything from relationships to reality TV, loud chewers to luxury brands, and motherhood to man caves. Her work has appeared in Esquire, New York Mag, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Architectural Digest, Men's Health, Popular Mechanics, Well+Good, Motherly and a host of others. When she isn't writing, Renata can be found on a pilates reformer, sending nostalgic Instagram memes, on meandering walks with her family and pup, or cruising for antiques and vintage treasures. She loves the beauty and the challenges inherent to being part of the "sandwich generation," and unearthing topics surrounding it to help connect with readers.


Father's Day When Your Dad Has Alzheimer's Looks Different

ByRenata Sellitti

It's a real mindf*ck, to be honest.