Becoming ... Me

by Scary Mommy
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I never had a voice. I mean I had a voice, but not really a voice. I simply didn’t have much to say.

I used to hate writing. I was told in high school that I clearly had no future in English and to concentrate on art instead. The highest I ever scored on a paper was a C. Writing simply was not my thing.

Neither was speaking. I shied away from performances and public speaking, preferring the solitude of art and later, graphic design.

I knew who I was, and the words vocal, writer and speaker never described me.

But then, I started this blog, and everything changed. I changed.

Suddenly, I have a voice.

What is that voice?

It’s imperfect. It’s passionate. It’s sarcastic. It’s sometimes profanity-filled. It’s angry. It’s adoring. It’s complicated.

It’s me. And it’s getting louder.

{What the hell was this post about? It was written for the producers of “Project Mom” Who are they? They are the team hoping to make a reality TV show about moms who blog. Interviews will be held at BlogHer on August 6 and 7. Though I hate the idea of reality television, I am intrigued by the idea of a show on mommy bloggers and the community who helped me find my voice. I want to explore the possibility. Wish me luck.}

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