You Can Now Choose Your Pronouns On The White House.Gov Contact Form

by Valerie Williams

The contact form on the White House website now includes a place to name your pronouns

Today is the dawn of a new era — or the continuation of one after a four-year pause that included so much trauma, pain, and misery. President Joe Biden (boy does it feel good to type that) and Vice President Kamala Harris (even better) have only been officially in office for a few hours and already, we’re seeing hopeful signs of better days ahead. The contact form on the White House website now has a dropdown menu to choose your pronouns.

I mean, hell yes.

Look at that. Beautiful.

Whoever answered the WhiteHouse.Gov information line, when asked about the pronouns said, “Oh yeah. That’s new!” Then when they learned we were press transferred us to a press line that rang forever then hung up. So this isn’t exactly official confirmation that it’s new, but come on. As if Trump’s White House had this as an option.

There’s also an option for “Mx” in the “prefix” menu. Oh and the site is already updated to reflect the new administration and excuse me while I refresh this all night just to see these faces.

Of course, Twitter already noticed including the account for GLAAD.

Trump is gone and we have a new administration full of people that actually care. If that’s not enough to put a smile on your face today, I don’t know what is.