Hundreds Gather At LaGuardia Airport To Show Support For Arriving Migrant Kids

by Valerie Williams
Image via YouTube/Newsweek

Protesters came to LaGuardia holding signs to comfort migrant kids who had been separated from their families

When it became apparent that migrant kids were arriving in New York City by plane, hundreds of protestors came to La Guardia airport to show support for the children who had been separated from their parents.

The protesters gathered at the airport holding signs and singing songs, awaiting the arrival of a flight out of Houston, Texas that was rumored to be carrying some young, migrant kids who were to be placed in NY shelters. Although President Trump just signed an executive order halting the separation of families at the border (a policy he put into place last month), it was still being reported that migrant kids were coming to the city from Texas.

Journalists have been trying to find information about the presence of migrant kids in the city, which is how video of young girls being walked to a foster agency in East Harlem called Cayuga Centers was captured yesterday by NY1.

The footage was taken at 12:45 AM and the girls were later brought out of the foster agency and into waiting cars. With coverings over their faces. Nothing incredibly suspect about that, right? This along with photos snapped on flights heading into LaGuardia of kids reportedly separated from their parents at the border was enough to motivate hundreds of New Yorkers to come to La Guardia in case more migrant kids were arriving.

Calls went out on social media for protesters to come to the airport and show love and support for these frightened kids and to protest this inhumane practice.

They gathered together, holding signs and singing songs in Spanish. If you needed to be reminded amid all the horror that there’s still plenty of good people in this country, let these videos and photos soothe your soul. America may be a dumpster fire right now, but there are a lot of people doing all they can to put it out.

Although no kids came off the plane last night, that doesn’t mean the protesters are ready to go away. According to New York Magazine, protesters plan to return and bring more attention to the plight of these kids. As Stosh Cotler, one of the protest’s organizers says, “We want to let them know that there are thousands of people who see them, who love them and who will fight for them.”

New York state Governor Cuomo later confirmed that the girls walking to Cayuga Centers under cover of night were indeed migrant kids who had been separated from their parents. “These children shouldn’t be in facilities in New York or anywhere else in the first place,” he said in a New York Times op-ed. “They should be with their parents.”