This Mom Turns Ordinary Sonogram Images Into Extraordinary Works Of Art

by Cassandra Stone
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Image via Quaintbaby Ultrasound Art

Laura Steerman’s art paints a beautiful picture of life in the womb

If you’ve ever carried a child, you know what it feels like to see them for the first time on the ultrasound screen. For many of us, that moment is pure magic. And while it’s wonderful that most ultrasound places offer moms-to-be snapshots and DVDs of the experience, one mom decided to step up the sonogram game a bit and make them actually look as magical as they feel.

Laura Steerman, a mom of three based in Dublin, Ireland, decided to start creating abstract sonogram paintings while pregnant with her own daughter. Quaint Baby Bespoke Ultrasound Art takes your ordinary sonogram photos and turns them into extraordinary masterpieces you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

“The ten months that a baby grows inside its mother is a very special time,” Steerman says on her website. “Like each baby’s personality and fingerprints, every pregnancy, fetus and baby are entirely unique. And one that can be beautifully captured as a piece of ultrasound art to visually revisit time and time again.”

Which means this…

Turns into this.

Absolutely beautiful, isn’t it?

Steerman says her paintings are designed as a gift to celebrate pregnancy. Each piece is completely unique to the mother and baby who request it — and what could be more meaningful than that?

Of course, some sonogram photos feature babies who never breathed outside of their mother’s womb. Steerman perfectly captures the image of an “angel baby” in the painting below.

“A very special, much-loved angel baby. Her baby ultrasound caught her gazing up lovingly toward Mum’s heartbeat, so the client and I thought we’d paint her with this inspiration, amongst the stars.”

Sonograms don’t always provide crystal clear images — depending on baby’s position or how many weeks along Mom is, some snapshots can be grainy and difficult to make out.

“The ultrasound photographs I treasured were too small to hang on a wall, too vague to blow up and even the colours didnt seem to do their joyful dispositions justice,” Steerman says. “It seemed a shame to tuck them away in baby books.”

There’s no doubt these paintings clearly capture the beauty and love of a fetus in the womb.

Steerman says each piece is not only unique because each woman and baby is unique, but because she makes each painting with “enthusiasm, time, and care” dedicated to it.

“It is so very fulfilling and emotional painting baby ultrasounds,” Steerman tells Scary Mommy. “I tend to get very attached to each family and baby I work with. I find myself rather humbled and privileged to find I receive 10 times the positivity, satisfaction, warmth, and compassion back from clients.”

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