Woman's Homemade 'Quarantine Barbies' Are *Kisses Fingers* Extremely On Point

by Madison Vanderberg

Woman makes pitch-perfect Barbie dolls for the pandemic era

When the pandemic hit and the world quickly settled into the “new normal,” Tonya Ruiz — a Barbie enthusiast and minis-collector — wanted to create something to represent our new reality, which is when she came up with the idea for a series of “Quarantine Barbies.” Using Barbies and minis she’s collected over the years, Ruiz — who goes by @GrandmaGetsReal on Instagram — has come up with hilarious and relatable Barbies like the “My Plans vs 2020” kit, but also timely Barbies that nurses and essential workers like grocery store employees.

Her pandemic-era Barbies are so relatable, I’m scrolling through her Instagram feed like, “Wow, me” and “Same, same, same.” There’s the “Will I Ever Wear Jeans Again?” Barbie, and well, accurate.


There’s the “Quarantine Starter Pack” Barbie, complete with snacks and stretchy pants.

There’s a “Zoom Ken” doll, who is equipped with drive-thru Starbucks and a “rambunctious toddler” who just wants to crash his conference calls.


We also love “New Hobby” Barbie and I feel personally attacked after my one day attempt to “get into gardening.”


And the “Homeschool Mom Edition” Barbie is about to get really-real if this country doesn’t get its act together before the school year starts.


Ruiz’s tribute to healthcare workers and essential workers are just as amazing and honorable. The attention to detail here is crazy.

Ruiz tells Scary Mommy that each Barbie takes a couple of days to make and her “Bread Baking Barbie” (RIP to all our now-forgotten sourdough starter) is going to appear in a COVID-related art-exhibit at the V&A Museum in Dundee, Scotland.

Ruiz also tells us that she plans to make a “working from home mom” Barbie next after fans requested one, and we cannot wait to see that.