Quarantine Queens Review Teen Wolf: Does it Hold Up?


Quarantine Queens Review Teen Wolf: Does it Hold Up?

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Lockdowns are slowly lifting, but that doesn’t mean boredom is. It’s movie night every night right now and the best family movies from the 80s are the go-to’s. Today we’re talking about Teen Wolf. It’s a classic, but does it hold up for the kids? In this video, we’re giving you the mom low-down with curse word counts, cigarette smoking appearances, violence, boobies and the sexual innuendos that the 80s loved so much. We’ll include all the time stamps below to make your family movie watching that much more easy for you!

First, the Movie Recap.Teen Wolf. It was a movie about a teen boy who seems to be going through serious puberty. So serious, he’s actually turning into a wolf. So, keep that possibility in mind when your kids grow their first chest hair. 80’s heartthrob, Michael J. Fox, stars as Scott, an unpopular high schooler who is terrible at basketball, until he turns into a wolf and all of a sudden, he becomes the basketball team star player and he gets the pretty girl. Who knew being a wolf in high school could get you so far?

I was super excited to watch Teen Wolf with the kids. When we sat down to watch, I thought Michael J. Fox can do no wrong. This movie is definitely safe. It’s PG, but how much guidance do we really need here? Well, turns out a lot! What was harmless (how?) back then, is not so harmless now. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get started. To sum it up, Teen Wolf is a PG rated movie that requires the actual G from you. According to Commonsense Media and parents, it’s 13+, but what I found most interesting is kids are saying 14+. Seems like the kids are a little more aware on this one. It’s got fat shaming, homophobia, some wild teen behavior and is about as diverse as a carton of vanilla ice cream. It is entertaining. A teen. Becoming a wolf. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Happy movie watching!

Quarantine Queens Movie Review is the mom low down on 1980s classic movies you want to share with your family. This is the official roadmap to the exact times to fast-forward, cover eyes, or cough loudly over some questionable language. Every week we will pick a classic film and break down what’s appropriate, what’s borderline and what’s fun for the whole family.


@17:04 – Dick caught in vacuum cleaner

@18:52 – bastards

@18:56 – goddamn

@32:21 Jesus Christ

@32:48 – hell


@4:04 – “That fat kid has a great arm.”

@5:08 – Michael J. Fox talking to Chubb in the locker room about his diet.

@5:59 – Stiles smacks his butt and says, “Hey Chubb, how’s the diet?”

@1:20:18 — shoot it fat boy


@6:11 – a five second appearance by the only actor of color

@40:27 and 40:28 and 40:33 – the word “fag”


Nothing to see here.


1:17:44 – Stiles has a cigarette in his mouth and is trying to buy liquor

23:10 – smoking at the party


@20:49 – underaged driving

@21:05 – 1:02:17 – car surfing

@23:00 – Teenage party with drinking and smoking

@40:15 – Stiles Needs a solid buzz

@42:00 – baggy of pot


@24:36 – girl in bra and panties and guy in underpants covered in whipped cream tied together

@28:42 – closet make out sesh that gets rough

@25:51 – Chubby eats jello out of a girl’s shirt

@55:57 – suggestive bra and panties scene

@56:30 – a little side boob

@56:38 – kissing

@58:15 – sexy bowling. Who knew?

@1:11:28 – kissing

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