Get Ready To Sob Because The 'Queer Eye' Season 4 Trailer Is Here

by Christina Marfice

There’s a new Queer Eye trailer out today, so naturally, we’re sobbing

Listen — Queer Eye could elicit tears from an emotionless robot. We know it, the robots know it, and, most importantly, the show’s cast and producers know it, and they’re leaning into that. The new trailer that just dropped for the fourth season comes with a challenge from Jonathan Van Ness himself: “Try not to cry, try not to lose it.” JVN, you already know we’re sobbing, come on.

Here’s the new trailer, check it out.

Every season of Queer Eye is beautiful and inspiring and heart-wrenching and a million other wonderful things. Obviously, this season looks to be no different. But here’s what we’ve learned about the upcoming season from the trailer.

The Fab Five are apparently helping people from their own lives who have had a positive impact on them. There are shots of the group going to JVN’s old high school in Quincy, Illinois, and giving one of their famed makeovers to his old orchestra teacher. Mild spoiler alert: He tearfully tells her that she routinely saves the lives of the kids she teaches, including his, and that’s pretty much the point where my entire body got involved in my sobbing.

Other highlights include one man who admits in his confessional interview, “I’ve never had a conversation with a gay man before… We’ll see how it goes.” There are shots of the Fab Five dancing in a library, ushering their makeover subjects into their beautiful new homes, and, you know, just being their usual inspiring selves. There are tears from participants, of course. There are scenes of people realizing how much their own selves are worth. There are scenes where the guys all cheer wildly over a participant’s new look or cooking skills. There are shots of people’s lives being literally changed for the better.

Typical Queer Eye stuff.

This show is truly a gem. It’s kind of hard to believe it shares a name with the original, which aired in the ’90s and treated gay men as caricatures of every stereotype about the LGBTQ+ community. Netflix’s Queer Eye is a truly empowering show, and it’s changing lives with every season that airs. If you haven’t watched it yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting forstart right now. Just make sure you have as many tissues on hand as possible when you do.

The new season drops on Netflix on July 19, which is next week. It’s so close, it’s time to make that Costco run to buy Kleenex in bulk. And in the meantime, you can catch us binge watching previous seasons and going through all those tissues before we even start Season 4.