Karamo Brown's Not Here For This Garbage Love Advice We Give Girls

by Thea Glassman
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Karamo Brown shared an important parenting tip about young girls, love, and respect

Karamo Brown can do it all. He’ll heal your soul, rock bomber jackets like nobody’s business, and make every single Queer Eye viewer cry with his thoughtful, beautiful wisdom. The father of two also has some really important tips when it comes to parenting.

Brown took to Instagram to share a story that had him feeling pretty unsettled. The reality star/resident culture expert said he overheard a mother telling her daughter that a boy who had been picking on her at school had a crush on her.

“That is the wrong thing to teach our children,” Brown said. “As a culture we should never be telling our little girls that if someone is treating you bad, that if they’re being emotionally abusive, that if they’re being disrespectful, that that somehow equates to love, because it does not. We got to do better than that.”

Yup, yup, yup. We can all probably look back on a time when we were younger and a boy was a jerk to us and we were reassured that it was probably just because he liked us (*ahem* looking at you, Jason from elementary school who kept making fun of my mismatched socks WHICH WAS A PERSONAL STYLE CHOICE).

Brown also noted that unkindness and love should never be wrapped together in the same sentence.

“At no point should that little girl think that someone being mean to her is a form of love,” he explained. “And if someone in your life is being disrespectful to you, being mean to you, saying rude things, it’s not because they like you. It’s because they have insecurities and they’re projecting them onto you, and you don’t deserve that.”

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