The First Trailer For A Quiet Place Part II Is Here

by Christina Marfice

What new dangers will the Abbott family face in A Quiet Place Part II?

Try not to scream, if only so the creatures can’t find you. Ever since A Quiet Place hit theaters in 2018 to huge critical and fan acclaim, we’ve been anticipating a sequel that shows us what happened to the Abbott family after they finally learned how to defeat the sound-stalking monsters that had them trapped on a secluded farm.

Finally, we’re getting some answers. The movie’s sequel is coming in 2020, and the first full-length trailer just dropped. Check it out.

The trailer begins with a throwback scene, showing what appears to be the chaos that happened when the monsters first appeared and began terrorizing the world. Emily Blunt‘s Evelyn is in the car with her kids Regan, Marcus, and Beau, who was killed just moments into the first film, setting the scene for the tension and family dynamic that made the movie such a fun and fascinating thriller.

Things soon return to present day, though, seemingly soon after the events of the first film. For some reason, despite presumably defeating all three of the creatures who lived near their farm after discovering their weakness in the first film, Evelyn, Regan, Marcus, and the family’s newborn baby have left their home on foot. They’re seen carrying just a few basic supplies on what looks like a long journey. And they’re still staying silent, which means they’re trying to travel without attracting the attention of more creatures. Does this mean they’ve evolved to be immune to the device feedback that rendered them vulnerable in A Quiet Place? We can’t tell.

The Abbotts eventually come across some other survivors of the Quiet Place, including a survivalist played by Peaky Blinders‘ Cillian Murphy, who catches the family running from one of the creatures. He appears to take them in when he sees they have a newborn, but tells them ominously, “The people that are left — they’re not the kind of people worth saving.”

There’s none of John Krasinski’s character Lee, since he sacrificed himself to save his kids at the end of the last film. But he returns to direct A Quiet Place Part II, and we can’t wait to see how he continues the story he started in 2018. He and Blunt proved they’re a formidable acting and directing pair (along with being absolute relationship and parenting goals), so seeing them return to this franchise is something we’re definitely looking forward to in the new year.

A Quiet Place Part II will be in theaters March 20, 2020.