Racist Christian Teachers Caught Using Racial Slur During School Activity

by Cassandra Stone

During a game of human Scrabble, faculty from the Christian School District rearranging letters to form a racial slur

A damning photo that shows five white educators from the Christian School District in Missouri spelling out a racial slur has caught the attention of the local NAACP branch and the community at large.

During a game of human Scrabble, the teachers rearranged the letters they were holding to spell the word “coons,” a despicable racial slur with a long history, and posed for a social media photo, where it totally blew up (because of course it did, and should, for that matter).

The St. Charles County branch of the NAACP and several parents are sharing their outrage and calling for action regarding the blatant racism displayed by educators of children.

“I’m angry, I’m hurt because I trust you with my child,” said one parent with a child in the Christian School District, according to KSDK.

Though other faculty and staff at the school claim the word wasn’t “racially motivated,” parents in the district aren’t interested in that pathetic excuse. One father, Pastor Raymond Horry, has two sons in the district, says the school denies any intentional wrongdoing.

“They were playing around and they were trying to spell raccoon, but they didn’t have the ‘r’ and the ‘a,’” Horry said. “I don’t believe it that five Caucasian teachers, not one of them knew that. Now maybe one didn’t know it, maybe two didn’t know it, but all five didn’t know it?”

People everywhere are weighing in on the incident, which isn’t the first case of teachers being willfully ignorant and racist at best, and blatantly, intentionally racist at worst.

Principal Jake Ibbetson told KSDK that racism wasn’t the motivation for the photo. He said the photo was never posted to the school’s website or any of the school’s social media accounts — which is not at all the point nor does it exonerate these five white teachers from their repulsive and inexcusable behavior.

Parents in the district told the news station that they’re stunned educators would use a racial slur. “I’m angry, I’m hurt because I trust you with my child,”one parent said. “[My son] absolutely told me, ‘Mom, I’m tired of it, do what you need to do because this is not fair and I’m tired of feeling like this.'”

In a statement, the district said they are investigating and will take the appropriate disciplinary actions after their investigation is complete.

“We recognize that this ill-informed action caused hurt and offense to many students and families in our school and in the wider community,” the district said in a statement. “We offer no excuse as to why this word was used. In a statement to families last night, we apologized for the incident and sought their forgiveness. We also ask that of anyone who has been impacted by this picture.”