'Trump's Deporting Your Illegal Cousins Today, B*tch!' Man Shouts At Mom On Her Way To Vote

by Julie Scagell
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Image via Facebook/Janet Espejel

He continues to berate her for over a minute, screaming racists remarks while her daughter watches

It’s asinine that racist videos appear on a daily basis — and yet — it’s 2018, Trump is president, and here we are. A man was caught on video last week screaming racist slurs out his car window at a Houston mother on her way to vote. Oh, and she had her toddler in the car while he was doing this. He has since been identified as Charles Geier.

The incident happened in Houston’s Spring Branch neighborhood where Janet Sabriu, was on her way to vote. Apparently, he was concerned with Sabriu’s driving, accusing her of driving in two lanes and screamed, “That’s not how we drive in America. Trump’s deporting your illegal cousins today, bitch.”

She posted the video on Facebook, saying, “Let’s see if everybody else thinks (his) behavior is OK.”

Sabriu manages to somehow keep calm, asking Geier if he’d voted, a question he ignored. He continued yelling at her “Learn English, bitch. It’s my country, bitch. Get out.”

Sabriu told local news station KHOU she began filming the exchange because a friend’s son recently went through a similar event while eating at a restaurant. She said she’s filed a police report and wants an apology from Geier. “It’s not OK racists,” she said. “It’s not OK [to allow] bullying. We have to stop all of this hate and the only way is respecting everybody, every human being. That’s the best lesson you can show somebody.”

Some believe we shouldn’t be giving these racists a platform, but they need to be identified. People need to know if they choose to act in such a manner and with such obvious strong opinions, those opinions will be shown to the world.

Once Geier realizes he’s being recorded, you’d think he’d crawl back into the hole he came from but no, he starts insulting her appearance instead. “Take all the pictures you like bitch. You’re ugly. You need a gay friend to help you with makeup and clothes. Ugly, tacky, stinky, skanky bitch.” Sabriu then pans to her toddler daughter in the backseat, where she’d been watching (and listening) the entire time.

Sabriu is encouraging others to shed light on this ugly side of America. “Speak up. Don’t be afraid. That’s the only way that we can stop all this hate is just showing and exposing the people because I think the majority [are] good people that don’t want this to continue.”

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