Radio DJ Live Broadcasts His Baby's Birth And It's Hard Not To Love It

by Valerie Williams
Image via Instagram

This radio DJ dad decided to let his listeners in on a very exciting family moment — the birth of his son.

Most moms want an intimate setting without a lot of spectators when they give birth. After all, it’s one of the most meaningful moments of a parent’s life and also, an intensely personal experience. It’s understandable that a mom would want to strictly guard the privacy of the delivery room, but one couple decided to let plenty of people listen in on their big moment. A St. Louis radio DJ and his wife allowed listeners of his show to hear a live feed of the birth of their baby boy. And the result is surprisingly touching.

Brandon Luttman, DJ and executive producer at 106.5 the Arch, explains to Someecards the choice to share such a private moment with his show’s listeners. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure how my wife Alex would react to the idea of putting the birth live on the radio, but to my surprise, she agreed. I’m just happy she didn’t fire off an f-bomb.”

As he should be. Letting curse words fly is the right of every woman in labor and we all know most of those words aren’t safe for radio. His wife, Alex, was incredibly cool about it saying, “I’m a nurse so I didn’t really think it was a big deal to let people listen in. Babies are born every day. Just not on the radio, I guess.”

As it turns out, the birth of this little one, the couple’s fourth child, went extremely smoothly. Luttman tells Someecards that baby August came out in only two pushes, with Alex barely making a sound as she gave birth. The healthy baby boy weighed in at over nine pounds, but there was a moment of uncertainty before the parents knew all was well.

The couple’s son didn’t breathe right away, to the fear of everyone in the room. There is a minute on the live feed where nurses are trying to make the infant cry out and it’s very intense. When the little guy finally gurgles a small cry, the relief in the room is palpable. Luttman shares, “You can hear the room get quiet for a second while they try to get him to breathe. When you’re dealing with real life, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Indeed. At first glance, this story seemed like a bid for going viral — a ploy for internet attention of the most crass variety. I saw it and my cynical side immediately thought, “How could this guy exploit his wife and baby boy for ratings?” But then, I heard it. And it is a truly beautiful moment. I tried so hard to hate it, but I couldn’t. It’s just too sweet.

We see so many “viral” stories these days — the whole world’s equipped with phone cameras and everything is recorded and plastered on the internet. It’s easy to forget that some of the things we capture are truly special. This birth is definitely one of them. Check out the recording and hear for yourself — it is pretty amazing. Congratulations to Luttman family and welcome to the world, August!