You're Getting Coal In Your Stocking This Year, You Selfish Jerks

by Emily Solberg
If You're Feeling Ragey AF Right Now, You Are Not Alone

I don’t know about you all but I’m feeling all sorts of ragey lately.

And I’m sure a lot of other writers might skirt around this, but ya know what? Screw it. I’m just gonna come out and say it. I’m that ragey.

Ragey because we are quickly nearing 200,000 new cases a DAY in this country and people I know are getting put on ventilators. Meanwhile, I often go into full-on panic mode because I can’t keep this from imploding into a massive dumpster fire. You know, because it takes ALL of us to put the flames out.

Ragey because my family—and many other military families—might not get to go home for Christmas this year because people won’t just cool their jets for five seconds, wear a mask, and stop throwing freakin’ high school homecoming parties.

Ragey because our current elected government officials aren’t doing their damn jobs. They aren’t doing diddly squat to try and get our hospitals and doctors and overloaded health care systems more PPE and resources to fight COVID, nothing to make testing more streamlined, accessible, and efficient, zilch to help keep small businesses open, or even huge companies from laying off or furloughing thousands more employees.

Courtesy of Emily Solberg

This isn’t about politics—I honestly don’t care what party you support, BOTH sides are complicit—this is about Americans who are currently homeless, jobless, and hungry, and NEED HELP NOW.

Ragey because rather than come together and figure out bipartisan solutions to all of this, we would rather just point fingers and squabble over ships that have already sailed and milk that has already been spilled.

Ragey because I can’t even pick up a newspaper anymore because I am so disgusted and appalled by the headlines.

Ragey because some people would rather believe that scientists, scholars, economists, doctors, statisticians, historians, and journalists must have been spending their entire lives trying to deceive them, rather than accept the truth.

Ragey, and also helpless and despondent, because I tried to make my voice heard, and I honestly feel like it fell on deaf ears.

Doesn’t anyone care about anyone else anymore?

Is that what we’ve come to? A nation of self-serving, apathetic, squabbling children?

Get your sh*t together, America.

It’s looking like coal in your stocking this year.