Rainbow Hair Is The Hidden Magic You Need For 2017

by Sarah Hosseini
Image via Instagram

Hidden rainbow hair is all the rage and anyone can rock it

Ever wish you could rock some color, but don’t want to fully-commit to it as an everyday style? Well, hidden rainbow hair has just come to your creative and spunky rescue.

It may be tempting to order up mermaid locks or go for a full head of unicorn hair next time you sit in the colorist’s chair (new year, new you after all, amirite?), but getting the whole shebang might be a little bit scary. Or you might wonder how others, like your boss, might handle it. Enter hidden rainbow hair: it gives you the freedom to give your wild side a whirl, without showing the whole world (if you choose).

The trend allows you to cover the colored locks or flaunt them whenever you want. And it looks amazing.

There’s so much inspiration on social media, you’re bound to find one you like if you want to try out this magically delicious hairdo. You can do it with long, medium or short hair.

Your natural hair color also doesn’t make a difference — light or dark, it can work for you.

You can also pastel the color a bit if you prefer.

The way it works is this – a stylist (seriously, don’t attempt to do this yourself) lightens a layer of your hair and then colors it in effervescent rainbow hues. It’s done in a spot where a drape of a natural shade can cover the rainbow hair. That way you can peek-a-boo it when you want.

Here we come 2017, riding in on rainbows.