The Fucking Rainbow Loom

by Scary Mommy
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It began with such promise.

A summer trend which, unlike Silly Bandz of summer’s past, actually required concentration and a learned skill. Lily’s time spent on her iTouch diminished, as she spent countless hours making bracelet after bracelet after bracelet. She made them for us, for her brothers, for her grandparents and for her friends. It was a creative outlet, a new take on an old art. There was nothing not to like about the Rainbow Loom.

But, then.

Slowly she began hearing about other stitches from her friends at camp. The single and fishtail were so over, with names like zipper and starburst becoming all the rage. Her friends learned about them from video tutorials on youTube, and suddenly, ten year old Alli of internet fame trumped my daughter’s former tween idols as we fought over computer time. Strike one for her beloved loom. But still, she happily used it in doctor’s office waiting rooms, tennis practice for her brother and before bed. And I was still a fan.

Last week, the boys insisted on getting in on the “fun.” At first, it was nothing short of adorable as Evan picked up the stitches in lightning fast speed, using nothing but his fingers. Lily taught looming classes in the playroom after dinner and my heart almost burst as the three of them studiously sat side by side.

It’s amazing how much can change in a matter of days.

Suddenly, instead of finding a few rogue bands throughout the house, I’m finding 600 pieces of rubber scattered across the floor. I’m finding them on the walkway leading up to the house, in my bowl of cereal, in every pocket I own, buried in the dog’s poop — oh, THAT’S where the c-clips went! — and the lint holder in the dryer contains nothing but broken bands. The three of them make bracelets, trade bracelets, break bracelets and then fight over bracelets. Incessantly. I’m not sure I’ve had a conversation with any of them over the last couple of weeks that doesn’t involve the Rainbow Loom in one way or another.

The good news, is that this obsession has to end eventually, as they all do. I have the abandoned Jibbitz, Webkinz and Silly Bandz to prove it. The only question is, when? Because it can’t come soon enough.

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