And Then They Turned 9: Raising a Confident Tween

And Then They Turned 9: Raising a Confident Tween
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Parents are bombarded with books and advice for raising babies and toddlers, but when it comes to teens and tweens, many parents are scratching their heads. In this co-sponsored episode of Live.Work.Thrive, a panel of experts will discuss the late childhood years and the challenges they bring. With a focus on safety, friendships, and finances, this conversation offers tangible strategies for parents.

What’s the big deal about turning 9? At least they can tie their shoes and sleep through the night. But age 9 triggers a whole new ball game of moods, behavior, and independence, which may be delightful at times but also challenging for both parents and kids.

This episode of Live.Work.Thrive features a panel of experts with tips for hacking this phase of childhood to get to the place every parent wants — a happy and confident kid. Key parts of the conversation include:

  • The cognitive changes that happen during the tween years to be aware of
  • How to know when your tween is ready to travel independently
  • How to nurture good money habits that will set them up for success in adulthood
  • Managing access to phones and social media

Our live expert panel includes Yasmine Saad, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in depression, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship issues, and parenting challenges. She is joined by Amanda Clayman, a financial therapist who specializes in the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects of our financial well-being.

In addition, this episode will feature tips from Thea Monyeé, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and Rachel Simmons, parenting author and adviser to Oprah Winfrey and Cheryl Sandberg.

Watch the full episode of Live.Work.Thrive for fascinating takeaways about how to raise a confident, happy, and financially savvy kid.

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