A 'Ratatouille' Ride Is Opening Next Year At Epcot Theme Park

by Leah Groth
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Ratatouille ride Epcot
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It’s taken about 13 years, but a ‘Ratatouille‘ ride is finally making its way to the U.S.

It should come as zero surprise that the most popular rides at Walt Disney Theme Parks vary by geographical locations. Of course, rides like Space Mountain and It’s a Small World are universally adored. However, other attractions have a more regional appeal as certain movies were more popular in specific parts of the world. Take Ratatouille, for example. The 2007 animated film is set overseas in the European city of Paris, so it makes obvious sense that the ride, Ratatouille: L’Aventure Totalement Toquee de Remy, is wildly popular at Disneyland Paris. For whatever reason, those people out there who have the seriously cool job of coming up with creative rides and deciding where to place them, had found it unnecessary to give the Ratatouille ride a home stateside for the last decade-plus – until now. Sometime in summer 2020, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is set to open at Orlando’s Epcot, and we are seriously psyched.

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The culinary themed ride is part of Epcot’s current renovation. They announced the ride would be coming in 2017, but finally gave reporters a walk through of it last week. According to Theme Park Insider’s Robert Niles, who was one of the lucky few invited on the walkthrough of the construction site, it is based on the Paris ride. So, for those curious what the ride will look like, you can watch a video of the current Paris ride; however, reporters weren’t allowed to take photos or videos of the new ride, so you’ll have to wait until next summer to see it.

But here is what we have heard about it so far.

“The loading area is made to look like the rooftops of Paris, with oversized chimneys and rain gutters. This is the area where riders will board trackless ride vehicles built to look like rats,” Ashley Carter of Orlando’s My News 13 reported after the walkthrough. “After that, we were guided through a scene that resembled Gusteau’s pantry. There were plenty of oversized set pieces in this part of the attraction, including a 2.7 ton ham and other food items. Disney is using a technique to make riders feel like they are the size of rats. In addition to the set pieces being oversized, many of them are tilted ever so slightly. The lines on the buildings in Paris aren’t completely straight. The rain gutter isn’t quite even. Special effects, including projections, will give the attraction a 4D feel.”

According to the Orlando Business Journal, the human shrinking technology used is a design style called “crookedology.”

“The architecture throughout the ride has the same artistic, odd and crooked look from the film, said Mike Davie, project manager on the ride with Disney Imagineering,” the publication explains. “The whole bizarre look is throughout the ride,” and it “truly looks like you’ve been transported into that world.” Additionally, each ride car is “expected to behave differently, making each ride unique.”

People on social media are super psyched about the ride.

Same, Ratatouille fanatics; same.

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