20 Tweets That Sum Up Our Collective Heartbreak Over Our Beloved RBG

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
Bill Oxford/Unsplash; Julie Buxbaum/Twitter; Scary Mommy

Our collective hearts are very heavy. After a ferocious battle with cancer, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. To say that many of us Americans are gutted is an understatement. Justice Ginsburg, or the “Notorious RBG” as she is often lovingly (and aptly) referred to, was a champion for women’s rights her entire career. She broke impossible glass ceilings to become the woman we all look up to.

So many of us were hoping that she would be able to live through the election. For many of us, including women, the LGBTQ+ community and BIPOC, RBG was our only chance at a livable future. And now that she’s gone, we’re very worried. Of course, we should never put all of our hope on one person. It wasn’t fair to her. But if there was anyone who could save us, it was her.

Naturally, as the news of her death spread, people took to social media to memorialize the great RBG. Rest in peace and power, Madame Justice.

Just in case we forget, RBG was still very much a person.

For many people, women especially, RBG was a fucking superhero.

If we’ve learned anything from her, it’s that we must keep fighting.

In this time of utter despair, it’s easy to only think about the negative effects of RBG’s death. But we must also remember her great legacy.

She was a tireless champion for democracy until the very end.

She’s given us so much, may she now be at peace.

We may have lost our leaders, but we must keep fighting.

There’s no way to shake the sadness quickly. We’ve already been through so much.

No one person should have to carry such a heavy burden into their last days.

It’s just not fair.

Sometimes, all you can do is scream into the void.

RBG’s legacy speaks for itself, and will continue to inspire generations of girls and women.

The loss of RBG is heavy for so many of us, but let’s also consider her family in this.

Dissent. Dissent. Dissent.

We can’t let her fight be for nothing. It’s our turn now.

We got this.

Sometimes, you just need to be a little petty.

Rest up, we’ve got work to do.

It goes without saying that we will miss RBG.

Right now it may seem impossible to see a light in this very dark tunnel. We need to take that same energy and focus it in a productive way, now more than ever.