Reality Behind Christmas With Baby Summed Up In 3 Hilarious Minutes

by Maria Guido
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Video perfectly captures the chaos that is Christmas with a small child.

Christmas with a new baby may seem picture perfect from the outside looking in — but anyone with small children can tell you it’s a shit show.

You have to resign yourself to the fact that the bottom of your tree will be bare for several years. You have to hide all the “good” ornaments. Forget ornament hooks — those will totally freak you out, so all the ornaments that do make it to the tree are precariously hanging off limbs or just shoved into the branches.

That Santa photo — ha! It’s a miracle if your baby doesn’t start balling. Family Christmas cards? No one will ever be looking into the camera at the same time again.

Christmas with baby is fun in so many ways, but gone are the days of picture-perfect anything.

Example #1 – The Ornaments

Example #2 – The Lights

Example #3 – The Family Photo

Example #4 – Santa

You Tube channel Story of this Life sums up everything chaotic about having a baby in the house around the holidays in three hilarious (and exhausting) minutes. Christmas with baby is kind of an epic disaster, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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