6 Reasons I Actually LOVE My Mom Body

by Team Scary Mommy
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I knew my body was going to change after I had a baby. Everything I read, and every person I talked to, warned me about that. Even still, I wasn’t ready.

Giving birth was the most amazing thing that my body has ever done. I couldn’t believe how strong I was, and how much my body was able to go through.

Not that this postpartum body doesn’t have its challenges — sometimes I sneeze-leak now. Diastasis recti is also an issue, and I’m surprised that I still kind of look pregnant. I’m not too concerned about those things because I know the MUTU System, a safe and effective program designed to help moms heal, strengthen and feel confident, has my back and is helping me address all of these issues.

Right now, I’m just obsessed with my new mom body.

1. My Postpartum Body Gives Me Cues to Take Care of Myself

It wasn’t until I started to have babies that I really got to know my body. The postpartum body might work differently than I’m used to, but it’s ridiculously cool. Even as I’m taking care of my baby, my body is taking care of me. I’m dehydrated? My body isn’t going to produce milk. I need to eat more fruits and vegetables? Hello, constipation. If I pee a little when I laugh too hard, it’s my body’s way of letting me know my pelvic floor needs some help. If my tummy bulges when I do a certain movement or exercise, my body is telling me to back up and try something gentler. I’m grateful for the signals that help me to take better care of myself.

2. My Skin Is Still Glowing

The only thing that competes with that pregnancy glow is the postpartum shine. After I had my baby, I was still on a hydration kick since I was nursing, and all of that H2O did wonders for my skin. My eyes might be bloodshot from not getting any sleep, but darn if my face isn’t shining.

3. Those Postpartum Arms Though

Thanks to picking up the baby, holding the baby, and laying down the baby approximately 10 million times a day, my arms have the definition to show for it. My biceps, triceps, and arm muscles I didn’t even know I had all feel so strong. They say moms can lift cars with their adrenaline, but that’s probably because we’re totally ripped.

4. My Soft Belly Is Just Right for Baby

Life changed after I had my baby, and all that mattered was making sure she was happy. From the t-shirts I wore to the food that I ate, everything was chosen based on how they would make her feel. When I’m cuddling her, my soft belly gives her a comfortable place to rest. The two of us will grow together; as her neck gets less wobbly so will my core thanks to the MUTU System — with its exercise guides that incorporate strength training, I’ll be able to cuddle and play with renewed confidence and more strength.

5. Having the Best Hair Days of My Life

I’m going to preface this by saying that most women experience hair loss after having a baby. I did, too. Both times. For about a month postpartum, though, I had the best hair ever. Maybe it was the universe giving me a break, but when I look at pictures and remember doing my hair once the baby was born, all I have are great memories about beautiful, lush tresses.

6. I’ve Never Felt More Capable

After having my second C-section and being released from the hospital, in addition to taking care of my baby, I also worked really hard to heal from the surgery. Through MUTU’s gentle exercises, I felt more in control of my recovery — I am able to take my time and be kind to my body, but still feel like I’m making progress each day.

The fact that I was able to do anything after carrying a baby and giving birth still blows me away. My body did that!

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