12 Reasons I Wouldn’t Do Reality TV

Sometimes, I look around at the three ring circus that is my life and think, “This would be Reality TV gold.  Someone should offer us a show.”  Not that it would ever happen, but the short answer would be NO. Why?

1. My kids think that clothing is optional at home.

2. I have three boys. They spend a lot of their time thinking and talking about butts, and poop, and farts. For instance, the two big boys think it’s hysterical that when they question Little Kid, “What is half poodle and half poodle?” and he responds, “Poo Poo!”

3. Sometimes, I don’t know where my baby is. I’ll be washing dishes in the kitchen and the next thing I know, I have no idea the current whereabouts of our almost two year old. He’s usually putting dozens of wet wipes in the toilet or climbing on the top bunk. Putting that on tv would most likely land me a visit from CPS. (Normally, I keep the bathroom doors shut and I take the ladder down as soon as he wakes up to avoid an inevitable fall and broken arm.)

4. Sometimes, I do know where the baby is. He’s pushed a chair over to the tall counter in the kitchen and is standing on top. And, I’m taking his picture.

5. We have yet to master “volume control”. Our house is LOUD! One of the kids is particularly loud on occasion. If he is close enough, I can actually feel my ear drum vibrating. He also doesn’t go to sleep quietly. Sure, he may be lying in bed, but he’s not quiet. Last night, he was lying in bed and for two minutes, in a half-shout, repeated, “Mamamaaaamammmmaaaama, Mom, maaaamamaaaa!” But, when he follows that with an exchange like this, “Mom?”, “Yes, Bud?”, “I love you.”, “I love you, too, bud.”, what can you do?

6. My boys love to play with Legos. I love that they love to play with Legos. They are unplugged and using their brains, creatively and analytically. BUT. There are Legos everywhere. The formal dining room that I insisted we build in our house (pre-children), for all of the fancy dinner parties we were going to have, has been transformed into the “Lego room”. That would be great, if the Legos would stay in the Lego room. Instead, they are everywhere. I don’t want cameras rolling when I “accidentally” vacuum some of them up. (This is why I die laughing every time I see a “house hunting” type show and hear a young couple say, “Ooh, this would be great for entertaining! )

7. I take my oldest son to school in my pajamas. The little kids are usually in their pajamas, too. Last week, Middle Kid had on only underwear when we dropped Big Kid off at school. Remember, clothing is optional. And, I’m usually driving with one hand. My coffee is in the other hand.

8. The video cameras might pick up the sweet times in our house, like when Middle Kid pats his little brother’s face and whispers, “I love you.” Or when we “cuddle up” and say prayers at night. The editing room would more likely focus in on the not so sweet times, like when the two big boys are pounding each other or, in the morning rush, when I am barking, “Where are your shoes? Brush your teeth! Hurry! We have to go! Now!”

9. We eat weird stuff for breakfast, sometimes. Middle Kid is the usual suspect for strange breakfast requests, like popcorn or tilapia.

10. I have to use a plunger almost daily. If it’s not the dozens of wet wipes in the toilet, it’s the green lightsaber toothbrushes or small board books or… well, you don’t want to hear about that.

11. My house is “company clean” exactly four hours per month. I have a housekeeper who comes twice a month. Of course, you have to clean before the housekeeper cleans. It’s a lot of work to get ready for that. But, the work is rewarded with two hours, on two separate days, when the baby is napping and the big boys are at school and it’s SO CLEAN. It lasts for about five minutes after we get home from school pick-up. So, it’s rarely company clean and it’s never “countless strangers watching on tv clean”.

12. One time, I locked my oldest son and my cell phone in the car in a Kohl’s parking lot. Luckily, a sweet stranger saw what happened and called the fire department. It wasn’t too hot or too cold, he was a baby and slept through the whole 8 minutes it took for the fire truck to arrive and unlock the doors. This was right about the time that Britney Spears was shaving her head and generally “melting down”. Later that day, when my son was safely home, all I could think was, “I’m glad I’m not Britney Spears with photographers and cameramen following me everywhere I go.”

What would the world see if cameras were rolling in YOUR house?  

About the writer

When she isn't plunging light saber toothbrushes from the toilet, Jennifer blogs at theintentionalmom.net.  She has been featured on BlogHer and is a contributor for What The Flicka?. In her life before children, Jennifer was a high school Biology teacher. Jennifer lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and three busy boys.

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Raizel 1 year ago

Oh, Gosh. Legos. Wet wipes. Undies. Me in my pyjamas. Yup.

Erin Zemler 1 year ago

Number 4. All the time

ammara 1 year ago

okaayyyy…this is insanely true for my place….except that I’ve 2 boys…..and no 2 doesn’t apply on them…but the rest????? its like i would have written this (IF i had this kind of talent with words of course)….kudos for summing it up for mums like me 😀

Jennifer Sando 1 year ago

I have plunged out a green lightsaber toothbrush before, but a bra and a lemon… you have me beat! So funny!

Melissa Fante- Asbury 1 year ago

I have 10 children and people are constantly asking why we don’t get a reality TV show. I simply tell them “Because we are entirely to much reality for TV’

Corey Burrell DeLuca 1 year ago

I can relate to every single point!!

Kristin 1 year ago

I am a mom of 5 boys, no girls. I would have thought you had been peeking in my windows, except they are so dirty you probably wouldn’t be able to see in. My 7 yr old dumped out the entire Lego box a few days ago, and it is still littering his room. I would clean it up, but I know it will be back on the floor within hours, if not minutes once I do. And the poop talk, yep, pretty much constant. I can relate!!

Beverly Hills Chiropractor La Cienega 1 year ago

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Bryna 1 year ago

Totally with you on the tilapia for breakfast…my youngest (11) regularly requests things like Caesar salad or hummus with carrots for breakfast. Much luck. Love your posts. Thank you.

Amey Bennett Agueda 1 year ago

#10 totally made me lol…. We haven’t had a functioning toilet in 2 years and we have 3 of them ! It’s to the point where the bigs call out “hey mom , which toilet is working?” I’ve plunged out a bra , bouncy ball, screw driver ( encrusted ) ewwww , a LEMON ! The list goes on

Amey Bennett Agueda 1 year ago

OMG!!!! This is totally my
World. From the clothing optional to the plunger to the two year old standing on the counter and the drive to school . I could’ve written this .

Kristen Wills 1 year ago

I would watch that sort of reality tv though. It would make me feel normal, realising I ‘m not alone :-)

Jennifer Hammes Logan 1 year ago

They wouldn’t bother to make a reality show at that house.
It’s too close to reality, so nobody would watch it.

Magical Mystical Mimi 1 year ago

All of this sounds perfectly normal to me, and I’m totally with your boys. I eat anything BUT breakfast foods for breakfast! – Stopping by from Bloppy Bloggers. Great post! :)

Alixandria 1 year ago

I would like to point out that my 7y/o daughter has NUMEROUS times attempted to squeeze past me t the car in her jams… Then I wig out because we’re late and she has change and she comes out with her shirt on backwards AND inside out and her fly down on her pants with NO ginch. LMAO!! I am NOT looking forward to when my two boys hit school…It will be a jammy fight every stinkin; day! :p

Janina Much 1 year ago

#5 is so, so true

Jennifer Sando 1 year ago

Love it! That is EXACTLY what our “lego room” looks like!

Regina Cameron Smith 1 year ago

Wow I think shes talking about my house and boys :)

Jamie Borcky Dormond 1 year ago

I don’t even clean the Legos up anymore. The door shuts…

Katie De Oliveira Anderson 1 year ago

hahah too funny

Nikki Meyer 1 year ago

If cameras came to my house, they would see the never ending pile of laundry (from our family of six), some day I will get to the bottom of it to find out if there is carpet or not. It’s been so long I can’t remember lol!

Ashley Brown 1 year ago

If I actually manage to be wearing real clothes (not pajamas) when I drop off my son at daycare, the teachers look at me like I’m sick. They’re that used to me showing up in pjs. I showed up in business attire one morning (had an interview), they asked if I was ok. Haha

Susan Ney Miller 1 year ago

I do entertaining all the time in my formal dining room. Entertaining of my 2 boys in a pop-up tent as we have no dining room furniture.

Kristin 1 year ago

Hey! I see nothing wrong with Cozy Coupes indoors :) My two year old LOVES having his inside. And who can say no to those little smiles? :)

Mary Kate 1 year ago

This all sounds so very familiar. I think we might be related. I have two older boys and a new baby girl. My house usually looks like part obstacle course/part Toy R Us warehouse explosion. And like your boys, bodily functions serve as an integral part of daily conversation (while semi-dressed, of course). When I post some of the things the boys say on Facebook, I’ve had friends say that they are waiting for them to have a reality show….it might help pay for college, but I don’t think I could EVER go through with it!!!

Sarah Winters Manro 1 year ago

Ha! My kids call our dining room the Lego room too!

Raylene Hansen 1 year ago

My reality show would be ‘made breakfast, went to target, then stop and shop, dropped books off at the library, paid fines (scandal right there), went back to stop and shop to get things I forgot (frustration documented there), cleaned the bathroom and stared into the freezer to see if anything looked like dinner’. I’d say that’s a show.

Jennifer 1 year ago

What is it with multiple boys that makes for “never a dull moment”? At this moment, my big boys are both roller blading in the house and my little guy is driving a Cozy Coupe around (again, in the house). I am with you- I would have have plenty to have a nervous breakdown over!

Lisa Michelle 1 year ago

Oh yes.i could’ve wrote this myself!

Michelle Waychoff 1 year ago

Yep. This is basically a synopsis of my house.

Brenda Adler 1 year ago

Thank you for having a picture of a messy house that isn’t a couple of strategic and clearly lovingly created by an art director “messes” (ie laundry hamper of clearly clean laundry with one piece hanging over the edge but not touching the floor, one game and one puzzle that the kids are shown actually playing with, and two random books).

Though there’s fewer dishes, orange peels, wrappers, and art projects that look like garbage than my house 😀

Teresa Kay 1 year ago

This morning my daughter pour chocolate syrup in a cup. Drank it spilled it on herself ant the table tore apart her bed applied my waterproof mascara to most of her face and is currently using my make up removal wipes on the couch. My son did a load of laundry and made me coffee.

Nicole Adalio Flegal 1 year ago

Haha… I thought we were the only boring house out there!

Michelle Hefner Boyden 1 year ago

#7 Lol! Always happens with our boys, never the girls. :)

Amanda Crocker 1 year ago

Don’t forget having to keep your shit together, no yelling or swearing…no losing your patience…need I go on lol

Rita Templeton/Fighting off Frumpy 1 year ago

Oh my word. I have thought these things EXACTLY. The TV audience would have a lot to laugh at if my four-boy household had its own reality show … but *I* would have a lot to have a nervous breakdown over!

Michelle Leu 1 year ago

Love number 5. Makes bedtime struggle totally worth it.

Nikki Riley Montana 1 year ago

I LOVE this! Lol

Jenny Holmes 1 year ago

If cameras came to my house, they would be bored to tears. We go swimming in the Intek pool in our backyard. Then I wash countless laundry. Then the youngest goes back to her Lego, my oldest gets back on her tablet and I go back to my book. Yeah…I am bored to tears just reading that…Kids?! We need to go do something a little more lively!!

Dena Ellis Oneal 1 year ago

It’s like you have visited my house!