37 Reasons I’m Not Embracing The Moment

Sometimes I complain about motherhood. And every time I do, somebody somewhere somehow gives me the same sage advice:

Enjoy it before it’s over.

Live in the now.

Soak it up.


And generally speaking, my urge is the same. I basically want to punch them in the face. Not because it’s bad advice. It’s not. In fact, it’s the best advice ever. It’s solid fucking gold. It’s true and real and exactly what I should be doing.

This, of course, makes the advice that much more annoying, since I know they’re right and yet I can’t seem to pull together this much-desired full-moment-embrace.

At least not always.

There are various reasons for this during any given day. I’ve decided to compile a few.

So here you go: 37 Reasons I’m Not Embracing The Moment…

1. I’m so tired I recently told somebody I had a baby girl. Yeah. My baby has a penis. So until further notice, I had a boy.

2. It’s tough to really be present when your consciousness is sustained through 12,000-calorie, 25 grams of fat, 40 tablespoons of sugar, 6-shot iced coffee drinks.

3. No for real, there’s a time each day when I think I may actually die from this exhaustion, but then, like a beam of hope and light and truth, comes the drive-through espresso place and I know I’ll make it ONE MORE DAY.

4. But then I remember I will never lose the 30 pounds I’ve got attached to my ass if I keep drinking that shit. But I do it anyway because survival.

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5. Speaking of shit, I’m pretty sure there’s baby poop under my pinky nail.

6. I made eggs for breakfast but my toddler “Only eats eggs on TUESDAYS!” So she screamed and wailed for approximately 30 minutes (even though she has no idea what day it actually is). Obviously.

7. It’s so damn hot I can’t stand wearing the “quality” nursing bra to support my 15-pound-each breasts – it’s so ITCHY! – but the cheap ass (comfortable) one from Target gave me a clogged duct and if I don’t wear the 6 feet of “quality” material around said boobs (and nursing pads), milk drips out of them and onto my clothing.

8. So basically, my choices are: Uncomfortable, hot and itchy or uncomfortable, wet and milky.

(Embrace that, bitch.)

9. I’ve been taking my placenta pills like a motherfucking boss but sometimes I wake up and I’m sure I have A.) Ruined my life and B.) Permanently ruined my life.

10. My toddler just peed on the pool deck.

11. Sometimes, my 12-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son bicker so long and so hard about something so stupid I actually pack up the insane toddler and screaming newborn and go to the park just so I don’t have to hear their voices for 15 minutes.

12. When we get there, they sit on the bench beside me and whine that it’s hot.

13. While my boobs itch.

14. Then I usually say something horrid like “GO AWAY NOW.”

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15. And feel guilty about it because I know time flies and carpe fucking diem.

16. I embraced motherhood 15 minutes ago. Now I want to sit on this bench and play Candy Crush and pretend I’m still 21 and hot and living in Barcelona.

17. I have so many people demanding things from me ALL DAY LONG your voice has just become ONE MORE VOICE in the long line of voices asking me to do things and consequently I don’t hear you, at all.

But really, what part of “join me in the fight against helpful parenting advice is unclear to you?” Why can’t you just say “Yep.” When I bitch about motherhood? Why do you have to give me helpful words or whatever the hell that is because you know what I hear? All I hear is “If you were a better mother you’d be enjoying every second!”

18. Well shit. Now I can’t embrace the moment because you just told me to “embrace the moment” and now I feel guilty for not embracing the fucking moment.

19. And this leads me to think about how my tween will be 18 in 6 years and instead of living “in the now” I’m wondering where the last 13 years went and how come I didn’t “live in the now,” then, when I still had a chance and she was younger and nicer.

20. I’m thinking about money. Namely, the way we have none.

21. I’m wondering how that article that’s due this evening is going to get written when my baby decided that the only palatable life activities are nursing, sleeping against the boob (because I DIE WITHOUT THE NIPPLE MOM) and pooping.

22. I’m crying over nothing.

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23. I’m answering questions from my kids about why I’m crying over nothing.

24. I’m making a mental note not to watch rescued-elephant videos ever again.

25. It’s 4pm and I just realized the circus needs to eat. Again. Why must they eat so often?

26. The dog ran away, out the broken fence. We need to fix the fence. He’s a sweet dog. I love that dog. I need to pay more attention to the dog. Sorry, dog. (No worries. We found the dog.)

Hey. Hey you. I AM EMBRACING MOTHERHOOD, just not at this moment. Why isn’t that okay? I ENJOY MY KIDS, just not at this exact second. Why is that a problem? Aren’t all jobs annoying at some point? Don’t all jobs have some aspects that suck? I mean if I were a lawyer and I hated doing time entry would you be like “Enjoy it.” Embrace it. Time flies. Someday you’ll be too old to record your time.” No. Of course not.

But this is motherhood, you say. Motherhood is precious. It’s all so precious!

NO. No, it is not.

Sometimes it’s not precious and I really, really think we’d all be better off if we stopped telling mothers to “enjoy every moment” when some moments are really, really (sometimes literally) shitty, full of nothing more than grit and dirt and work and grime (with a hint of cuteness).

27. I was up until midnight writing an article. My baby woke up at 3am and wouldn’t go back to sleep until 5am. At 6am my toddler woke up and bounced into my bed “I’m here to cuggle (cuddle)!”

28. It’s hard to embrace something when your eyes won’t open and your head is pounding and your arms are stuck under an almost-crying newborn and a flailing 3-year-old.

29. It’s 5am and I’m torturing my newborn with that snot-sucking device so he can finally sleep, FINALLY.

30. But I can’t sleep because I’m 97% sure he has whooping cough.

31. Better get on Google and explore whooping cough. What time does the pediatrician’s office open?

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32. Oh great. It’s 6am! Here’s Georgia! Toddler cuddle time!

33. My kitchen smells vaguely of vomit and mildew.

34. My voicemail is 90% full. I fucking hate voicemail. Text, people. TEXT.

35. I have 17 flagged emails in my work inbox that need attention and my auto-responder says “Just had a baby” even though it’s been 5 weeks and they hover in the back of my mind like the most irritating buzzing fly you’ve ever heard.

36. My kids are eating mac and cheese again. I can only imagine what the processed cheese-like substance is doing to their brains.

37. We need to go to Costco but the tired. Oh. My. God. The tired.

And this baby.

And these kids.

THEY’RE JUST EVERYWHERE. And it never, never ends.

Eventually I give up, fuck it, park my ass on the chair and watch some 30 Rock reruns. For a minute I laugh, we all laugh, as the baby tries to nurse Rocket’s nose. And Georgia did her swimming lesson without crying. Came out beaming “I was SO GREAT in that pool, mama!” And the dog jumped in the kid pool like it was his own personal Raging Waters and my husband got an amazing haircut that makes me want to, ahem. And the grin on Ava’s face when she got her prize for reading 4 books at the library’s summer reading challenge. Oh, the innocence. It was almost as if she were 6 years old again.

I saw it for a second, just a second. My second, and hers.

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As her smile hits my heart, I hear an explosion in Arlo’s diaper and something wet on my arm. I change him in the back of our hot SUV while the kids argue about who sits in front and Georgia removes her clothes, again, because that makes sense. I see my coffee in the stroller like a silent beacon of hope.

So there. 37 reasons I’m having trouble embracing the fucking moment.

And one or two that keep me trying.

Now please, for the love of God, stop telling me to embrace the moment. I’m embracing what I can, as best as I can, along with every other mother I know.

And besides, I embraced the fucking moment yesterday.

About the writer

Janelle Hanchett is a mother of questionable disposition to three kids and a newborn. She lives in northern California with those kids and a man who thinks “getting dressed up” means shaving his forearm so his tattoo shows up more clearly. If you want, you can join her in the fight against helpful parenting advice at her blog, Renegade Mothering.

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Jo 3 months ago

Amen to all of that? Motherhood sucks sometimes, why is it so hard to admit that…

K8 4 months ago

I think I love you!

gothita34 5 months ago

I don’t know what you do, or if you truly notice, but uhhh… you just seem more like an 18 Year old than any mature adult who has kids. Maybe tone down the swearing. It only makes seem like a high schooler taking the lowest General classes in the academic wing. Also, being a mom means sacrifice. Hey you put yourself up to the job right?

Im just saying.

Jess 6 months ago

i only have one toddler but i really needed this today. thankyou for being honest!

Rosie John 6 months ago

Damn fucking straight.

I have a three and a half month old with silent reflux and Im a single parent.
Regarding the father, I did not consent and lets leave it at that. I have blood clots from the pregnancy and epilepsy to boot.
I have no friends or family in my state so Im alone unless I FB.
Suffice it to say, there is alot of unpleasant there, but the joy of having a child can be wonderful at times. It can be aweful other times – but dont you say a word to anyone because they’ll call DOCS on you or simply call you a bad parent.

Its rediculous how much people expect from Mums and from Dads. So we had a kid – its non friggin stop! Our entire lives and personalities are swallowed up by a little person who wants our love and care 24/7. We cant be happy all the time. But stupid little things do make it so worthwhile: a dribbly grin from your baby, trying so hard not to laugh at your toddlers latest ideas on the world, a smartarse comeback from a tween that was absolutely brilliant – yeah I skipped a few years but you know what I mean <3

Mellany Flynn Rowton 6 months ago

The last month+ has sucked so bad. Thank you for this. I’m not embracing any of it right now. I need a nap, a LONG nap. And silence. And a massage. And then I’ll be ready to embrace some things again.

Diane Schoelles 6 months ago

I so hate you for making me remember these things … from 25 and 23 years ago!!! (sorry girls, but some things never change.) TY for the laughs! 😀

Carissa 6 months ago

So what should us mothers who have been in the trenches say? I usually try to say, I totally understand. Been there done that, bought the teeshirt. And my favorite is It gets easier. Honestly there are months I don’t remember anything after the twins were born. Having 4, 5 and under is alot more work than I could imagine. Love your work though!

Anna Leilich Clark 6 months ago

Um can we be friends?

Adrianne Ward Burney 6 months ago

Some moments just aren’t embraceable. I accept that I wait for those that are.

Erin Krol 6 months ago

Just to lighten things up…I think you should all know that I just spent $120 on yoga pants.
Not at lululemon, etc., but at Target. Because I refuse to look like an ass in 3 inch heels running after a little baby putting dog food in his mouth…

Amber 6 months ago


Katherine Stein 6 months ago

I love this article! Not because all her reasons are my reasons, but because I’m tired of people telling me to embrace the moment! Way to take an already obviously stressed out person and make her feel really shitty and like there is something wrong with her because she’s not “embracing” it. Thank you for putting it in words!

Amber Hall 6 months ago


Kayleigh Kendrick 6 months ago

27 is the story of my life lol

Frances Pam 6 months ago

The truth is I’m glad there are articles like this because motherhood isn’t as simple as everyone thinks.

Stacey Marie 6 months ago

True story

Dulcie Cattrell 6 months ago

Do more on the scary tween. :) That’s where I am now and often wish he was a toddler again when the cute kept me from dreaming of throttling him 3 times a week.

CB 6 months ago

Please don’t come back to this website. You obviously are so much better than the rest of us and should not lower yourself to our (normal) standards. P.S. Get a sense of humor already.

Veronica Steele 6 months ago

The football hold is something my baby doesn’t like

Hannah Noland 6 months ago

I laughed so hard at this

Ashleigh Reisterer 6 months ago

Also, of course you will mostly remember the good. As time progresses, our brains change our memories to be good ones. No memory we have of our childhood is ever 100% accurate. Oh, and I’m currently 6 months pregnant and sick with God knows what so I am not embracing the moment!

Michelle Nelson Densley 6 months ago

Nothing but love to you and everyone else who is doing their best (in their own way) to be the mom they want to be.

Tamsyn Taylor 6 months ago

So a different opinion is not allowed or appreciated? Come on, we are all in the same boat, let’s not get at each other. I don’t agree or like all the posts, some piss me off too and I disagree with them. I have that right just as the lady above does. Don’t get shirty because others don’t have the same feelings as you.

Kelly Thompson 6 months ago

HEAD POUNDING EXHAUSTION. I didn’t know…dear god, I didn’t KNOW!

Jessica Vaughn-Martin 6 months ago

There is nothing that says Scary Mommy does not support older moms or moms of older kids. But there may be less tolerance for those who have been away from the chaos of young children for a few years, remembering that they only embraced each moment for the treasure it was and moms today should too.

Just because there was no blog or Facebook group to acknowledge/record your feelings back then does not mean that every mother at one or two moments in her life doesn’t feel like this writer – I have one child who equals at least 2.5-3 and I have had many of these moments. I think most of us value this site because it validates the parts of motherhood that no one else talks about. The moments when we laugh at the mother we thought we would be pre kids or the moments where we break down/lose it and just need a break, but have no chance of getting one. The moments when we wrestle with our own identities and who we are post motherhood. And the moments when your toddler has a meltdown in the far corner of Target but you still have 10 things on your list and cannot think of another time you could possibly get those 10 needed items AND you feel bad for the other shoppers but keep pushing.

Motherhood is not all rainbows and hugs, it is late nights, early mornings, juggling, meeting others’ needs every minute, feeling guilty if you don’t meet thise needs every minute, sickness at the worst possible time and a living room floor I rarely see.

That said none of us would do it if we didn’t embrace some of the moments. Let’s just have compassion for one another and the quiet (and not so quiet) battles we are up against each day.

Georgie Brown 6 months ago


Tiffany Poag 6 months ago

I’m guessing most of the negative comments will be because you come across as a condescending jerk.

Monica Hilts Ferrera 6 months ago

Love this – thank you…totally lol’d. So funny & so true!!

Abby Christopher Chandler 6 months ago

But she was in the Navy.

Lauren Elizabeth Disney 6 months ago

Boasting about how perfect you are makes you a damn tool. Just because your kids are angels and you’re the perfect mom doesn’t mean you have to rub that in our faces, okay? Now stop being a twat and let us imperfect moms be happy that we’re not the only ones who don’t pack Pinterest-worthy bento box lunches and make amazing crafts effortlessly with our angelic offspring.

Lauren Elizabeth Disney 6 months ago

Amazing! I only one, but she’s nearly 15 months and the response to everything is “NO!”, followed by crying. Whether she’s turning the PS3 on for the millionth time (that damn thing makes a noise she loves) or I’m asking if she wants a snack or trying to give her a kiss (because I do love this creature I managed to create), the answer is still “NO” from one of us, followed by her crying. “I love my kid” has become my mantra already… where did my tiny baby who didn’t go anywhere and snuggled against me to sleep so sweetly go???

Michele P Peetz 6 months ago

so true, you feel guilty on those days that are not embraceable..

Fran Menke Fenstermacher 6 months ago

Bite me! Did i mention I was in the Navy. God lord I never said everything was perfect just saying when we say enjoy every minute of it we mean it! And ask anyone I was..not that I ever said that. Just told the truth.

Abby Christopher Chandler 6 months ago

All mothers are different. Also I think you might be exaggerating how great you were.

Caleb N Melinda 6 months ago

I’m currently not embracing the moment because I have a stomach flu, and my 5 month old is teething and won’t sleep. Or stop practicing for his future career as an opera star. Oh and I was just puked on by said 5 month old opera star. I might puke on him tonight, so I guess we’re even.

Fran Menke Fenstermacher 6 months ago

Funny thing, I had a bunch of family around and got no help because I didn’t need to ask. I knew what I was getting into. And I said remember the good moments. They’ll be gone to soon! I read these post because some are very spot on. And some are just to mock. My second had colic which I blamed on moms that didn’t know how too care for their kids found out I was so wrong but made it and he is amazing. And I have severed in the Navy and my husband works two jobs to get by.so go on…

Sarah Holland 6 months ago

This was the perfect ending to an otherwise incredibly shitty day. Thank you!!

Katie Warriner 6 months ago

I read this while my 2 month old fussed himself to sleep in my arms, certain he’s missing daddy.

Samantha Shay Epstein 6 months ago

Not every moment is embraceable but it is going by so freaking fast. Scary fast.

Katie Warriner 6 months ago

Why do you bother reading this then?

I dreamed of being a Momma. My husband and I were told it was very unlikely we’d conceive without intervention. Our son is nearly 9 weeks old.

My husband’s job has kept him away for around 6 of those weeks. I have no family close, and our friends are all single men. No help with the baby.

Am I supposed to embrace the screams of a baby boy who knows his daddy was here last night, but gone tonight?

I love him beyond measure, but I don’t treasure the screams.

Stacey Napier Gregory 6 months ago

Absolute truth and always relevant no matter what stage of motherhood.

Fran Menke Fenstermacher 6 months ago

This article and so many like it pisses me off! I know it’s Sarcasm and I get it. I devoted my life to my kids(no girls night) and I am that bitch that wears 3 inch heals and is fully made up craft doing mom you all hate. I don’t even own a pair of yoga pants! And I am the one that will say to you enjoy every minute. Not because I mean to offend but because I mean it. Wait till their grown and the hot flashes start and everything you have had that might have driven you nuts is gone. You’ll be wishing for it back. And waiting on grand kids. But not to soon..so get over it enjoy every moment that is worth enjoying.it Pile on the negative comments now…so Scary Mom if you are for all moms you should support the older ones too!!

Debi Broniszewski Pucciarelli 6 months ago

#17. By the time my husband comes home from work he basically sounds like the mom from the Peanuts.

Debi Broniszewski Pucciarelli 6 months ago

#17 is me. I think I’ve learned to tune certain things my kids say out that by the time my husband gets home all I hear is the mom from Peanuts talking to me.

Jessica Schaeffer 6 months ago

THANK YOU! Thank you for this!!!

Shannon 6 months ago

Love this. I have one right now that thinks he’ll die without the nipple. We’re going to be attached forever.

DeeDee Hagan 6 months ago

#17 drives me batty!

Teresa Howick Wilson 6 months ago

So perfect. So, so friggin perfect. Thank you. I’m crying. I needed this. So so bad. Thank you! Big hugs.

Anna Gordon McCullough 6 months ago

Ah! The football hold…I know this cuz…colic

Rachael MacGregor 6 months ago


dana 7 months ago

me 3!!!

Mary G 7 months ago

Oh GAWD…. I’m SO freaking GLAD I only had one child. I got to embrace the moments!!!!

Newmom 7 months ago

Thank you for this! As a new mom I needed this so badly. I was laughing while simultaneously crying reading these. And my 6 week old just spit up on me while typing this. Better embrace this moment! 😉

Paige 8 months ago

It must be the age because my 5 year old think him and his sister might die or something if I go pee alone :/

Diana 9 months ago

Oh my God. This is my life. And we actually do need to go to Costco and I should have gone today but I was tired so I chickened out.

Elizabeth 10 months ago

THANK YOU!!! You described it exactly!

Twila 11 months ago

Love this! You hit it right on the nail! I have a 12 year old daughter, an 8 year old daughter, a 5 year old son with Autism, and a 2 year old. Being a mother takes a strong woman! Thanks for this!

Kim 12 months ago

Is it ridiculous that I ONLY have one child and she is ONLY six weeks old but I still relate to this? I miss sleep… oh my god, i miss it so much.

Olivia 12 months ago

I’m surprised (and happy for you) that you even still HAVE a libido! (referencing the husband haircut comment.) My kids are 3.5 years and 14 weeks old and mine’s yet to return. :(

Maria Davis 12 months ago

This made my day !!! Sometimes I feel like I’m the crazy one ! Even though I know I’m not alone !

Kathy Ciaramella 12 months ago

lol…we did the one and done also…..she will be 20 in march…..we got cats over the years in place of more kids…..bless you amy

Meredith 12 months ago

I know that these types of lists are meant to be funny and clearly I cannot empathize because I do not have any children. That is my point… I had a miscarriage last year and my husband and I have accepted that we will likely never be able to have a family (after a whole other year of fertility treatments). My positive contribution: as difficult as parenting is, please maybe stop and think about the 1 in 6 couples that might never get to experience a toddler yelling that they will “only eat pancakes on Tuesday”. As convoluted as this sounds: I wish my boobs could “leak on to my clothes” or “itch” for the amazing reason that yours are. Even on the hardest days, please hold your screaming little ones close and think of us :) Thank you!

Alexis Reilly 12 months ago

Well said and totally true.

Kelly 12 months ago

As a mom with kids all in their 30’s, well not the baby who’s 29 – close enough, I truly can say from that perspective – it goes fast.

That being said? I totally get this. :-)

Sara Bendoraitis 12 months ago

Completely agree with everything! Thank you

Melanie 12 months ago

Wish you were around when my girls were young! I felt like the worst mother – now I know I wasn’t alone! You are truly amazing! Keep writing these great stories 😉

Jhanis 12 months ago

This is genius! And yes, why do they have to eat a lot? LMAO

Melanie McKinney 12 months ago

I have 3 girls – 13, 17 and 22 and all I can say is motherhood is truly thankless – embracing the moment is for the freaking birds!!!! I will
Embrace my grandchildren! All the joy, less all the pain – sprinkled with a little “I told you one day you will have children and finally understand…”

Thank you so much for the walk down memory lane!

Mary Lou Hart 12 months ago

I love reason #17

Carly Shue 12 months ago

I really loved this article. I needed to see this. It makes me feel not so alone

Kat Penrod 12 months ago

#21! All the way. My babe will NOT sleep more than 20 minutes tops unless she’s on me. And I love it. I do. But my arm is numb and I can’t pay bills or eat or anything very well with one arm and sitting in the couch. So a…put her down and speed to get as much done in twentyish minutes as possible or b…sit and enjoy the quiet and less demanding sleeping babe for more like an hour but get nothing done…round and round we go!

Eileen Sh 12 months ago

I cannot thank you enough for articles like this one. Much needed today

Ashley Fetter Davis 12 months ago

This is so damn funny

Nupur KoPalisz 12 months ago

Perfect & honest.

Kate Bynsdorp 12 months ago

I’m with her all the way! #24 especially though – I was dying! I’m so there

Elly Graham 12 months ago


lizzie 12 months ago

I have no words to say how perfectly you’ve described my life, right now! Right down to the newborn who refuses to sleep unless his head is on my naked breast!

Nicole Slaughter 12 months ago

yes, yes, and YES!!!

Julie 12 months ago

Five weeks?! You had better not be enjoying this! Give yourself five months. It’ll be the same, but then you won’t cry while explaining it. Not every time, at least. I love my four kids! Sometimes I hate parenting them.

Amanda 12 months ago

Thank u for letting me know I am not the only one!!!!! I feel like I’m losing control… Its hard to remember what day it is… Trying to calm a screaming 2 month old and love on the dogs all by myself most of the time cuz my hubby is gone a lot… Going on 3-4 hrs of sleep a day, plus trying to love him… He doesn’t understand that no I don’t want to “make love” 2 reasons 1- I’m sooooooo ooooo tired and if I can just get the extra 20 (maybe) mins of sleep it would be amazing and 2- I don’t want another baby right now I can barely handle this as it is… I wish I could be batter to him to my son to my dogs and to ME!! He doesn’t get why I’m so crabby all the time and I try my best not to and I feel bad that when he gets home I’m not like “oh hey babe how was your day? Love you” it more like ” ahhhh he’s been crying for 2 hrs nothing is working, let the dogs out, can u take him I have to pee, I’m starving… What can we eat quick”. Hopefully one day I can be a super mom/wife and get it right, before he leaves me!! Lol

Emily Lukingbeal Stepp 12 months ago

I’ve been there. About 5 minutes ago.

Megan 12 months ago

This is amazing! Thank you for this!

Katie Heston 12 months ago

Yes. This.

maryann carrigan 12 months ago

I am a 45 year old gramma with 2 kids at home, this article is perfect..It really hits the proverbial nail on the head.

Coco 12 months ago

LOL. Seriously…

Chris 12 months ago

Ironic cool about suffering is so self defeating. Makes for good articles, though.

Evelyn 12 months ago

You know when they say “Parenthood doesn’t come with a manual”? THIS, should be it. It should be handed out like it’s the Bible of a new religion.

ro 12 months ago

Fuck it, hen, have another iced coffee thingy. X

Yanna Tzanidaki 12 months ago

Ha,ha,ha!!!!! So true!!!!

Clarissa Lardner-Burke 12 months ago

Whaa haa some very true points lol

Catherine Harrington-Stone 12 months ago

Great post

shanon 12 months ago


lisa 12 months ago

Awsome. And people wonder why im so happy my son is now in kindergarden and wish it was all day instead of half days. Love my kids but love the quiet (2min since also have 7 mo old) too

Jack 12 months ago

The only thing better than listening to moms come up with lists of reasons they have it rough is listening to other moms pick apart the first list of why moms have it rough.

Jennifer Kelly 12 months ago

I knew I wasn’t alone

Kristy Sheffield Elders 12 months ago

This is so true and made me lol literally! Hehe! Thanks for the laugh and for sharing!

Kristy Ostrander Cox 12 months ago

Bwhaaa wow this is my very life. Right now!

Joy O’shaughnessy-Kneita 12 months ago

Lol. Yep

Tricia 12 months ago

My current FB status:

Bedtime with Braden…as I’m tickling his back:

Braden: Why does everybody hate me?
Me: Nobody hates you, you’re just annoying.
Braden: Wow, you’re mean.
Me: I’m not mean, I’m your Mom.

Corinne 12 months ago

this is fucked up, your son should be the most important thing in your life! I get that sometimes we deserve to be selfish, but our kids are our priority

Mandy Borey 12 months ago

OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for saying what I am thinking.. first time I have laughed in weeks!!!!

Natasha Stanley 12 months ago


Cindy Lou-Who 12 months ago

fuck that shit… why again are babies cute and sweet and people want them, more than one of them?

Yana Viteri 12 months ago

I actually fell asleep on the bench “watching” my daughter in her gymnastics class….that’s how I embraced the motherhood last week…

Emily Jo Schmidtke 12 months ago

Love this! So many truths! Especially scrambled eggs on Tuesdays!

Dawn Freeland 12 months ago


Michelle Cool Beans Alicki 12 months ago

Oh my god, thank you, I’m not alone!! Did I mention that a drive though Starbucks recently opened near me? It’s a God send.

Derrin Eckelmann 12 months ago

Thats just the post pardom depression speaking !

Richa Wilson 12 months ago

I laughed way to much, because it’s all true and so funny.

Amy Grillett 12 months ago

Most real thing I’ve read all day

Me 12 months ago

I actually have a “get out of my butt” song and accompanying dance.

Katherine Hunt Arabis 12 months ago

Omg! Thank u

Cynthia A. Santiago 12 months ago

; )

Yana Viteri 12 months ago

YESSSS!!! And I don’t even stay home, I work full time but once I get home after work…god help me…there is no embracing anything! That’s why there are cosmos!!! Cheers!

Alyssa 12 months ago

OMG yes. I want to scream this st my husband when he comes home after I particularly bad day, and all I want to do is sit in the tub with a book and sleep, but he says “well, one day they won’t want to spend time with you. Enjoy it now.” Why don’t you get off the computer and YOU enjoy the moment. I’ve had at least 600 moments to “enjoy”, if screaming in hunger, but then when I cooked they screamed because I abandoned them; or how dare I try writing my book or a letter, because they want the pen, counts as enjoyable.

Dawn McPherson 12 months ago

Oh so very funny!!

Sarah Wilson 12 months ago

It’s so refreshing when mothers are honest about motherhood. There are the lovely moments, and then there are the….less lovely moments. It’s a rollercoaster. Thanks for being real.

Jessica Jarman Keith 12 months ago

i have one that acts like she’s dyin without the nipple. i am typing one handed bc she is nursing right now

Amanda Adams 12 months ago

that is hysterical.

Jennifer Gilson 12 months ago

Scarymom, Wth is number 9? Is this the latest thing that doctors are pushing? I don’t remember any pills fitter that. Granted, my youngest is a ‘lovely’ 13 year old girl…. Lol

Amanda McEwen 12 months ago

I absolutely love this article…spot on…thank you!

Kristy Walker DeLuca 12 months ago

Now I don’t feel so bad about what I said about the kids being sick. Time for a beer.

Michelle Smith 12 months ago

I absolutely love this. I am not a mother yet, but I’m glad to get some honesty about what it will be like. I totally get the great moments. That’s my current job.(I’m a nanny) but people don’t want to hear about the bad parts. I want to know what to expect!

Erica Gatlin 12 months ago

I do enjoy almost every moment because I do know how fast it flys by… These people who say that to you are being wistful & we should appreciate that as well

Jennifer Sheldrake 12 months ago

#12 lmao

Julie Ridenour 12 months ago

That advice is about the same as “you can rest when you’re dead.” This is the advice your kids give you when they grow up and feel guilty because you have devoted your life to them and now just want to chill. Haha. The circle of life.

Jen Iovino 12 months ago

SO perfect!

Marcy 12 months ago

Standing O, you perfectly summed up what we are all going through. Thank-you for that.

Jennifer Myers 12 months ago


Allison Rodstrom Sullivan 12 months ago

Love this one!!

Anne Creighton 12 months ago

OMG! It’s so perfect!

Arlene Cervantes 12 months ago

Love it !! Really people with no kids shouldn’t be teaching the “parent school” or giving advices on how to do it

Aimee Rice Bennett 12 months ago

I hated being a mom. I was never so glad to complete something in my life. I love ’em and they turned out great in spite of having a crappy mom, but there’s not enough money or force in the world to ever make me do that again.

Rebecca Schauer-Lawrence 12 months ago

Awesome and so right on!

Abby Morgan Alpert 12 months ago


blanka 12 months ago

YOU ROCK! I laughed so hard I (nearly) peed myself which is reason 38 why I cannot embrace motherhood just this very minute!

Darinka Neumann Hudson 12 months ago

Ha ha!

Julie 12 months ago

God bless you with 4! I would’ve committed myself long ago! When we were thinking about making our 2nd baby, lol almost said when we were thinking about making No. 2! When we were thinking about making our second beautiful miracle of joy, a gift from heaven, hahaha, my daughter was being not so awesome and my husband said, and you want another one? I said I don’t want this one right now let alone another one! Alas we did and stopped at that!

Stacy Lee Degler 12 months ago

Love, Love, LOVE your take on motherhood. Keep fighting the good fight, and embrace anything you damn well please. Or not.

Becky Regier Bryant 12 months ago

I’m so glad to be out of the infant years. Having a teen, a toddler, and an infant was rough. Dad works out of town and family is at least 45 minutes away.

Melanie Lane 12 months ago

Write some more, you are my hero

Rebecca Lawhorn Huff 12 months ago

Amen sister!!

Anna Rodriguez 12 months ago

OMG, dying laughing!! Mine are 17 and 10 but this is very true!

Maryna Zalben 12 months ago

Soooo true!

Shaye Boucher 12 months ago

I’d like to apologize for laughing at the new mom who last week in the diaper aisle at Walmart commented to me how difficult it was to venture outside the house with her one child. It was very dismissive of me. I’m sorry. But you see, one day soon you’ll realize that the non mobile lump who is pretty much happy if fed, changed, and burped is soooo much easier than a tyrant toddler who throws a tantrum over anything and then the threenager year happens…and so forth and so forth. I’m sure my evil laugh was terrifying. As was my whining almost one year old and three year old who was crying because she wanted a different yet identical bottle of shampoo. Yes, treasure the moment. But sometimes you want to rip your hair out, hide in a closet, and guzzle wine. Doesn’t make us bad moms. It’s realism. It’s tough. Very tough. But also wonderful. I didn’t mean to laugh in such a cynical way. I was just having a bad mommy moment. But seriously kids are little jerks in public. You’ve been warned. Embrace that 😉 For you at that moment, I’m sure it was tough. And I’m sorry. Very rude of me.

Meridee Chapple Kopelchuk 12 months ago

Thank you! we could be best friends you sound just like the voice in my head!!!’

Jessica Doerr York 12 months ago

OMG…I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank youuuuuuu…

Shana Jarmer-Camblin 12 months ago

Funny! Aren’t u going to miss those fun filled days?

Shantavia Fields Garibay 12 months ago


Keri DeHerrera 12 months ago

#21!!!! My baby has been on nap strike all week & turns into the Hulk by evening. She absolutely will not nap longer than 20 minutes right now for some reason, probably teething, unless I’m holding her in my lap & she has full access to the boob. Meanwhile, I’m trapped on the couch with the tv remote just out of arm’s reach, I need to pee & I can just hear the clock ticking on that freelance project I need to be working on that I can only work on during her nap time but not nap time on me, so I sit here on the couch, trapped, because it’s hard to embrace the moment when the Hulk shows up unexpectedly to smash your nice family dinner plans. I really could embrace this moment though, if only I could reach the damn remote!!

Laura 12 months ago

You had me at hello, haha seriously, this couldn’t be more accurate!, love it!!!

Michelle Cook 12 months ago

I. Love. This.

Bridget Justin 12 months ago

I love this. Your honesty is so needed. Thank you for not constantly posting parenting as all sunshine and rainbows. Parenting is hard. Sometimes it sucks. People need to read truth so they don’t feel like failures when they cannot “embrace” exhaustion, poop, screaming fights between teens, vomit, another note from the teacher, or all the other crap that actually constitutes being an actual parent! I needed this lol see above list for any particular reason why…

Jamie Mertz 12 months ago

Dude, i am i the only odd one out here. Maybe it’s because i tried so hard for number 3 and when she came out she slept from day one? But holy hell this article sounds like it was written by a person who should tie that shit off and not have anymore! (like i did…after said number 3). Yes, days can be crappy…but someday when everyone has left and it’s just me sitting here wishing i was holding a baby again instead of a picture of them as babies i’ll be wishing i embraced the moment more.

Missie Maloy 12 months ago

I laughed so hard that I cried! 100% true!

Danielle Fritz 12 months ago

Lol pretty hilarious and totally relatable. However like 85% of the time I think to myself how fast time flies and how much I don’t want my baby (now almost 5) to grow up and how much I want another one so I guess I’m that cliche that everyone hates!lol (And completely insane)

Jaymie Praught 12 months ago

Omfg, I loooooove this ♥

Magdalena Maria Pizano 12 months ago

Oh thank god! I was not embracing all the moments and feeling like there’s something certifiable about me. Seriously effing thank you!

Stacey Strickland Heald 12 months ago

Ha!!!!! This is awesome! I am only still alive because of bacon, sugar, coke and caffeine!

Valerie Goins 12 months ago

Awesome, hilarious, true. You rock!

Sian Deveson 12 months ago

Carpe fucking diem……. Right there with you girl!!! Laughed all the way through this. Glad I had time to read it amongst my crazy shit!!! :-)

Melissa Pugh 12 months ago

this is fucking great!!!!!! i swear you wrote this about me.

Rachel Mabry 12 months ago

Haha! Amen! I love my kids but sometimes it gets ugly….

Gabriela Thome 12 months ago

A million times thank you!!

TH 12 months ago

THIS is beautiful. I wish this was around when I was going through so much when my kids were younger. Now at 19, 18 and 12 the crazy is much less. (no worries I have step kids and sometimes the five year and his behavior conjures such negative thoughts in my head I actually have to tell my own head to shut up) in a lot of ways mother hood can BREAK you, and anyone who says differently has nannies. lol

Thank you for writing all of this. It’s beautiful. Having kids isn’t a miracle folks, people do it every day.

Nelly Quiñones 12 months ago

Oh so true. Maybe they are “embracing the moment” cause their kids finally moved out. #pregnant #doingitagain

Sondra Galbichka 12 months ago

Where were writers like this when I was going thru postpartum hell? Keep up the good work!

Danielle Marie Caissie 12 months ago

I’m so glad someone wrote this! It’s like going through my day other then getting to leave and go to work. Now I feel guilty for saying that. Embrace the f***ing moment!

Justine Burger McIntyre 12 months ago

…but, the days are long and the years are quick….I couldn’t resist !

Cindy 12 months ago

Thank you so much for this. Motherhood is not this wonderful bundle of smiles and giggles that all the parents with grown kids seem to remember, which leads me to believe that at some point, you just lose your damn mind and have false memories once your kids are grown.

I have 3 kids 10 and under and take care of a disabled parent. I’m a single mother and I work 2 jobs, one of which I have to get up in the middle of the night to do because it requires me being able to hear and with all these people around, I just cannot hear. I. Am. So. Tired. All. The. Time. If I complain about anything, there is that ONE PERSON who always tells me I should enjoy this time because it goes so quickly. This ONE PERSON has a good husband, 2 kids who are not just a few months apart and her parents are always there to help her out. Oh, and she is not living paycheck to paycheck. If she tells me I need to enjoy it more time I am going to enjoy kicking her in the effing taco several times.

Andrea Varnado 12 months ago


Irene Joy Sapon 12 months ago

hahaha!!! story of my life!

Lauren Campbell Gomez 12 months ago


Lucy Cocks 12 months ago

I actually went to work the other day with poop on my jeans..like I have time to wipe that off?!

Jennifer Zapf 12 months ago

Amen, Amen and again Amen…. yep, mine are 5 & 10 the husband is the stay at home – but other than keeping them breathing – he’s pretty useless. I do all the household bills, and major shit, his cooking is getting better, thankfully winters coming and the baked shit isn’t so bad…

Cristina Cilio 12 months ago

Im pretty sure I have poop under my pinky nail lol

Abigail Martinez 12 months ago

Number fu**ing 17. And all the rest…..whew.

Valerie Starace 12 months ago


Amber West 12 months ago

This. Every fucking crevice of this. Is my life in a nutshell. Four kids 12-1. Shift woking hubby. THIS is LOVE and hate in a big ball of truth.

Brianna Casini 12 months ago


Heather Talmich 12 months ago

Dear Lord. TRUTH!

Anne-Monique Hipwell 12 months ago

Absolutely brilliant. So funny and so very true. Thank you for writing this xxx

Meghann Brooks 12 months ago

Oh my….. agree!!!

Stephenie Moneymaker 12 months ago

Wow!!!! Its like she read my mind…thank you thank you thank you for saying what most of us are thinking when we’re tired and feeling like hell, yet still have to maintain a full time job, school, kids, homework, dinner, baths only to finally pass out in some awkward position for 5 sec only to get right back up and do it all again…thank you

Conclusively Candor 12 months ago


Alison Bailey 12 months ago

Goodness, Amy! Like I said, we figured out very early we were all set with one. We have three Boxers instead. Hahaha!

Krystyna Georgiou 12 months ago

Thank god it’s not just me. Why aren’t more people just honest like this-it’s not all sunshine and magic moments!!

Kasey Wiegand Goss 12 months ago

^^^ OMG bless your heart!

Samantha 12 months ago

I really needed this. Ihad my first child this May. I thought I was going crazy. I try to embrace the moment but it’s hard to do when a 3 month old is keeping you awake all the time and you just want sleep. I cannot imagine having four right now. Kudos to you.

Amy Renee Buckey 12 months ago

I have five kids and I’m pregnant with six, I’m drowning……

Yvonne Ransel 12 months ago

Whew, I’m exhausted

Samantha Millar 12 months ago


Harriet Light 12 months ago

I actually love your post they make my day and realise im not alone x

Vanessa Mastrodomenico 12 months ago

The only moments I embrace are the laughing, the kisses, and the hugs. Otherwise…..I’m not embracing anything.

Katherine Engberg Knudson 12 months ago

Thank you for posting! I thought I was the only one! Lol! Phew ( :

Christine Adamson 12 months ago

So true! And the honesty – I live for the honesty! THAT is what makes me push through to survive another day!

Kasey Wiegand Goss 12 months ago

Amen sister! Us too! I can’t f-ing imagine any more!

Brittany Bang 12 months ago

I just laughed so hard I cried… OK, now I’m going back to my job and my extra large coffee before I head home to my toddler, husband, laundry, bills, and pets and make dinner.

Victoria Watson 12 months ago

7 and 8.

Chelsea White 12 months ago


Lea Lindfors 12 months ago

I love this article SO MUCH! It is spot on and just what I needed after only 4 hours sleep. Thank you! But, what are placenta pills? (I’m in Australia, we might not have them or they might be callEd something else here)

Alison Bailey 12 months ago

More reinforcement that “one and done” was the right decision for us. Holy shit.

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 12 months ago

I think one of the phrases that drives me most insane (and often goes along with “Embrace the moment”) is when people say to me, “Doesn’t time just fly? Doesn’t it seem like only yesterday?” No, it doesn’t. To me, the 10 years since I gave birth to my first child feels like 10 years. “Enjoy it while you can, it flies by so fast!” I know they mean well, but every time I hear it it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

Tani Spielberg 12 months ago

Every. damn. word.

Tania Mitchell 12 months ago

Hahaha I laughed so hard! So truuueee

Meghan DeMariano 12 months ago

I’m especially feeling the stupid nursing bra issue at the moment!

Julieta Rivarola 12 months ago


Drea Jenkins 12 months ago


Tiffany Faery-Kroschel 12 months ago


Danica Arnold 12 months ago


Rachel Sharp 12 months ago

YES!!! Thank you.

Rhonnygyrl 1 year ago

OMG me too please!

sj 1 year ago

The tired. jesus do I know that! This is brilliant and so relatable thank you

Brook 1 year ago

Today I was at my husband’s work when someone said, “Hi, how are you?” at that very moment, my oldest tried to run outside without me, I grabbed his hand and responded to the person, “I’ll be better once I get these boys to bed!” I could NOT believe I just said that out loud and was so embarrassed. We had a really fun afternoon together, I was really enjoying my kids today but at that exact moment I was so ready for the day to be over. Every moment is not glorious, it’s hard work, anything worth doing well is hard. I think that a generation of Moms who can admit that to each other, and let each other know that they are not alone, is awesome! Very funny, thanks for sharing! :)

Karli 1 year ago

Thank you! That is all for now, as I have chaos to deal with between my 4 and 5 year old diva wannabe little oh so very sweet (ugh oh so mean at times) girls who are whisper fighting as if I can’t hear what’s going on. You rock, thanks for making me feel better about myself knowing that I’m not alone or crazy lol

Andreea 1 year ago

I love this. I think I may love you. And if anyone takes offense to this they can go to hell, bc they are either not a mom, had perfect kids, (is that even possible?) Or have the sense of humor of a rock. Keep it up, mama!

Sharon Chabal 1 year ago

This is so spot on! The only reason I didn’t strangle those people that said enjoy these times was that it would be one more body to hide.

MicheleStitches 1 year ago

A hearty AMEN!!

At age 22 I had my first baby. By the time I was 30, I had birthed 6 babies! Yes, you may pause a moment to just let that sink in. This equalled nursing while pregnant, 3 in diapers at once, and heavens help me, a few years later, 5-6 teenagers living in my house at the same time! To make things crazier, when the youngest of those was 5 years old, I found I was pregnant again! (That baby is now 12 years old.)

I am here to tell you, it was all a blur. I remember so very little of those years. And now there are times when I am overwhelmed with guilt and grief that I didn’t “embrace the moment” more. But then I tell myself, “Baby, you SURVIVED!” And the kids? They survived too. In fact, as far as I can tell, they all remember their childhood as happy. 6 of them are now well-balanced adults. None have been in jail. Neither have I, for that matter…but I still have one teenager to go! 😀

Tiffany Butler 1 year ago

I second this post!!! I am so sick and tired of EVERYONE insisting that we all put on happy faces and pretend we live in nick at night reruns. One of the biggest things I want my kids to learn is this:

Love is messy. It is dirty and hard and requires a lot of work. It is messing up and fixing it. It is apologizing and forgiving. It is having talks you REALLY don’t want to have but you do it anyway because you LOVE that person and it is worth it.

People are not perfect and no one should be expected to be. Accept the now, you don’t have to embrace it and love it, but accept it. Because all of it is a memory and It It’s all valuable.

Skeptical 1 year ago

Oh for the love of all that is holy… I almost cried my eyes out when I saw this. I have three children. I thought I was a horrible mother for feeling this way… I have cried so many nights thinking I was alone in my thoughts. I love my kids but dammit they terrorize me! And yes I do drink the fucking coffee like it is the oxygen I need to survive! I am a hermit because sitting here listening to the kids scream and fight about how bored they are is infinitely less exhausting than listening to the same shit while In the car running errands in and out and in and out and in and out of a hot day…. fmfl. I feel better knowing my feelings are frustrations are normal rather than monstrous. I love you, author.

Melannie Hager 1 year ago

I seriously LOL’d.

Valerie Gauthier 1 year ago

Hilarious! And TRUE

Amanda Rodriguez 1 year ago

So needed this today. Thanks!

Nancy 1 year ago

I needed this yesterday after two huge explosions. Bathing all 3 kids before 8 am and 6 loads of laundry.

Lindsay Solie 1 year ago

So funny!

Melissa Soar 1 year ago

Lol I have one… one mini me drives me crazy punk little girl. With crazy attitude and the official diagnosis of being a “tween”…. and this cracked me up. Love there are moms that are actually honest about what being a mom is. To All of you that are bitching about how moms shouldn’t be so honest or as some smart cookie put, “should have used protection”…. don’t think for one second that any of us dont love our kids. May not like them but pretty damn sure we all love them.

Regina 1 year ago

I love that you wrote this!! Right on!!!

Karen 1 year ago

Ok, I am not trying to be a dick, but once again, I’m going to tell you to EMBRACE THE MOMENT. Here’s why…. When your kids are very little, the problems you have are also little. The problems are usually something you can control. For example, when your toddler takes her clothes off, you can put them back on. When they pee on the pool deck, you can wash it off. When your kids grow up, the little problem are replaced with BIG problems. Ones that you have no control over. For example, one time my 17 year old daughter was 2 hours past her curfew, her cell phone had died and I had NO IDEA where she was. I was terrified. Another time my 20 year old son called from college in the middle of the night in pain so bad he was throwing up. I was a 6 hour drive away. I could hear the ambulance sirens in the background. I was terrified. Another time my 18 year old son was taken from an emergency room to a psychiatric facility due to a possible bipolar manic episode. (Or was he experimenting with drugs?). They would not tell me where he was being transferred to because of HIPAA privacy regulations. Once again, I WAS TERRIFIED.
Maybe you will never experience moments like this, and I hope you don’t. But I have a feeling most parents do at one point or another. Like me, they yearn for the days when their kids were nursing or in diapers and they knew where they were and that they were happy, safe and sound. That’s all a mother really wants and needs anyway. Sleep is overrated. Besides, we all have coffee.

Tobe 1 year ago

No kids myself but certainly have more compassion for friends who do.

Lizzy 1 year ago


Amy Teske Jesse 1 year ago

I just fell in love with the woman who wrote this!

Jennie 1 year ago

Every single syllable is synonymous with what I’ve said in my own head so many times is not funny. Great, great article!!

Dawn Bain-O’Laughlin 1 year ago

This was awesome! Completely on point! I feel so much better now.

Sarah Hayes 1 year ago

I’m crying right now because, most days, this is me. But with only two. And working part time out of the house. And someone “gets” me. (But less swearing.)

Emily Frances 1 year ago

I love this.

Denise Whitehead 1 year ago

I only have one kid and I so agree

Kim 1 year ago

I agree with all of it … Every last word. I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling my 18 year old, away at college for the first time, since day 2 (it’s day 9). It will get better … I promise.

Sallie Liberto 1 year ago

So funny!!! And true.

Alison Straub 1 year ago

This is AMAZING. Every time I feel like I am going to fall on my face from exhaustion, I read it again and it keeps me going (well this and a big fatty latte) Well-written, you should never stop writing. Thank you for this!!!

Kelly Rhodes Darby 1 year ago

When I told my mom I wanted to have a second child, she said “I don’t see it”. Apparently my ovaries listened because it’s been four years birth control free, and no kid.

Marie Hong 1 year ago

#18 is the truth!

Quinn Lauren 1 year ago

To the moon and back is how much I love this list! You are not alone, and knowing I’m not alone helps lessen the “mommy guilt”, thank you!

Joan Melillo 1 year ago


Patricia Pigeon 1 year ago

Lol amen!

Brittnee 1 year ago

I’M NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy Hurley-Deluna 1 year ago

I love the author! You speak to my soul. This is so amazing to really relate. Thank you for this.

Danielle 1 year ago

I LOVE THIS!!!! This is so me!!! I should print it and hand to people when they ask what is wrong.

Lucy Cocks 1 year ago

I’m reading this lying on my bathroom floor as it’s the only place I might get two seconds of peace. Oh wait they just found me :-(

Nara 1 year ago

YES!!! This article is awesome.

T 1 year ago

I love you. That is all.

Denee 1 year ago

So very, very true and so sick of hearing that! I KNOW time flies! I KNOW that when my boys are 16, 17 and 18, I will look back and wonder where the years went. However, I am 99.9% certain that when I do look back, the nostalgia I feel will be for the good moments, the ones that are easy to embrace. I cannot imagine that in 15 years I will look back and miss nights where the boys took turns waking; meaning I got no sleep (literally NONE). I will not miss cleaning poop off of the carpet and then having to bathe all three boys – because they all took turns playing in it before I got it cleaned up – and I’m truthfully not even sure who the original culprit is any more. I am fairly certain I’m not going to miss the days where all three are crying all day because they all want their own space, but are not willing to give any to each other; which results in toys being thrown at heads, etc. I do NOT embrace these particular moments, and I am sure my future self will not regret this. I do however, as you so eloquently put, embrace motherhood. I love the moments where everyone is getting along, and one of them randomly tells me he loves me. I embrace the silly moments, the fun moments, the quiet moments, some of the loud moments and even a lot of the dirty moments. Those are the moments I want to remember anyway!

Stephanie McMillen 1 year ago

My kids our all grown and out of the house. And yes there where times that i wanted to fling myself off the porch if only to escape. There was fights and tears, laughter and hugs. Times with poop where it should not be…..dont ask. Food that did not look like food anymore stuffed behind a radiator. Sighhhh. But through all the crazziness there was love. And one day ladys belive it our not. When there gone and the house is quiet (thank god) u will smile about those bad times. And u will think wow i would not have changed a thing…not a damm thing. Because u did it. U survied. Good and bad. And know when your kids have babys. You get to sit back and laugh and laugh.

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

I am SO enjoying these responses; I am NOT alone & that makes me happy!

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

As the oldest of 5, I can guarantee you that MY mom didn’t enjoy *every* second of raising my brothers, sister & me!

Clare Coldham Willmer 1 year ago

I laughed!

Liz Deken 1 year ago

This. Is. Awesome. And so Damn true!

Kim 1 year ago

You’re wonderful. This was perfect thank you.

Tasha 1 year ago

Drinking less (no) coffee = nursing infant sleeping more = Mommy sleeping more = more embraceable moments. Just sayin’. But what do I know. My kid count is only up to just barely toddler and 9 month old baby. It was easier for me when I stopped caffeine completely. That’s what I know. :)

Anna-Marie 1 year ago

I had twins about 8½ months ago. They were born 9 weeks early and I had to spend the next 2 months in the hospital away from our 2 oldest kids.
Even though our daughter was intubated for a week and almost died and our son couldn’t eat, the time at NICU was still less stressful than everyday life after we got home.
I love my kids, I really do. But could they please be someone elses just once in a while?! Just for a second. Or an hour. Maybe a day or two.
I need sleep, I need peace and quiet ond most of all I need to know that it’s okay not to embrace the friggin’ moment every friggin’ day!

Marc Dacey 1 year ago

What bollocks to expect a constant stream of motherly (or fatherly) treacle.

Victoria Bryce 1 year ago

Sounds like my day….

Karen Freeman 1 year ago

Guilty of #17 and #18!

Hayley 1 year ago

Yes. Oh my word YES! The exhaustion. And the teething and the spit. The tears coz you’re not carrying him right NOW coz he threw up even though he’s now clean and if you don’t get moving the carpet will be stained. And yes I know that’s my favourite meal… I just don’t want to eat it! *sigh*. So good to read this post!

Melissa Ouellette Kurth 1 year ago

#4 and 26 are mine all day long!!!

Maureen 1 year ago

Hilarious because I think that hit a nerve for every Mom out there. When I read it, I actually got a little worked up because that is how I used to feel. If coffee being your beacon of hope leading to an inability to drop weight is true, drop me an email. I was able to kick coffee like a champ, regain energy, sleep better, and start dropping weight. It is possible.

Tammi @ Momma’s Meals 1 year ago

My thoughts exactly! Do you think I embraced it yesterday after dinner when I thought I was going to FINALLY get the 5 loads of laundry that took 5 days to fold put away…………Then Drew got a hold of Madison’s potty…….with pee in it Yup I embraced it by crying LOL!! Then had a glass of wine!! Or two.

Julie McGinnis DeLuca 1 year ago

This is great!!!!

Rachel 1 year ago

I finally had enough brain capacity not to watch the elephant video. Or maybe it was just the fact that my toddler wouldn’t stop talking and I knew I wouldn’t hear it anyway. Whatevs. At least I know there’s someone that understands. Great post!

Ali Kelly 1 year ago

I love you, Scary Mommy :)

Elicia Hays Ross 1 year ago

Beautiful piece :)

Imani Malika 1 year ago

My stepkids are absolute saviors whenever they come over lolol. They just completely take over and they love it. And I love them for it!!

Imani Malika 1 year ago

I admit, I find a lot of happiness in the little moments with them. But that’s in between the piss and poo on the floor and the screams and the “I hate curious George today even tho I love him to death every other day” fits and the trail of crumbs everywhere and the noise, the NOISE…….!!!!!! Lolol…right, I was saying I love the good moments but sometimes I forget they exist.

Jennifer Fowler 1 year ago

Thanks for the morning chuckle. I think we get to enjoy every moment when we are grandparents 😉

Laura Branco 1 year ago

This. Is. Awesome.

Fay Fleming Horner Biss 1 year ago

Hilarious, so true and so funny. Unfortunately I can ” fecking ” relate

Linda Weiss 1 year ago

“no words” LOL

Carla Rice 1 year ago


Maxine Garvey 1 year ago

The clincher is the husband who ‘shaves his arms to better show his tattoos. Maybe if Tattoo Boy helped a bit more the poster could kick back a little and stop fucking whining! Seriously, if she has enough time to write this whingefest, she has time to be grateful for the little things. The kids are healthy, the house isn’t being repossessed, her husband has managed to stay out of jail. Things could be worse. if you can’t cope raising kids, don’t do it four times over! The teenagers are at school during the day. the toddler soon will be. Which leaves the baby. It’s not like she hasn’t been there three times before. Did she learn anything? And for God sakes, suck the snot from the baby and spit it into a tissue. It’s water! And motherhood is precious. And kids grow up so fast. And when they grow up and move out and Tattoo Boy wants to show her his new Killer Harley, she’s going to wish that she could have some of that time back again. When she was the center of the Universe.

Gwen Packard Langslet 1 year ago

This is perfect!

Valentina Roman 1 year ago

I have never said and never will say that having kids children was ‘the best thing I ever did in my life”. Embrace what?? My children have embraced every moment, they’ve sucked everything out of me and I’m now a zombie.

Kathy Laird Potts 1 year ago

I love this and am so with you. I have an almost-5-week-old and 3 other kids and am just so god damn tired.

Teri 1 year ago

Your list just adds to the evidence of a truth I have become convinced of. Kids are the ultimate cosmic joke. Give us this urge to breed. Then gives a tiny little baby that can’t surivive without us so we fall hopelessly head over heels in love. The the cosmos says “haha gotcha” and these evil beings take over our children and don’t leave for 18 or so years. All the while we are being pointed and laughed at by those comic sadists. The bastards

Katherine Pigott Brisbin 1 year ago

Love love love this.

Francesca Sole 1 year ago

Oh gosh, you’re so right..

Jennifer luff 1 year ago

This is my day too….. Most days I end in a heap on the floor sobbing like a baby regretting everything I have / haven’t done in the day, and I know it’s starts again in the morning……. I love my children but hell nobody prepared me for this!!!!!!! Schools need to be giving child rearing classes. I am a 39 yr old mum of 3 beautiful intelligent children, 3,4,14…… And a husband!!!!!!

Victoria Giroux 1 year ago

Lady – you rock!

Elizabeth Saucedo 1 year ago

Embrace the moment ?
My baby has had horrible separation anxiety, he wont even let me go pee, when Im asleep he checks to see if I’m there with him, But there are days I wish I had the freedom, I had before, I dont regret having him, its just so hard.

Kathi Taylor 1 year ago

I’m crying over nothing….I’m explaining to my kids why I’m crying over nothing !

Rebecca Dalston 1 year ago

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Carmen Hazelton 1 year ago

OMG I am so happy I discovered you. Ugh my kids are soul sucking A-holes. I need you. Hahaha

Charlene 1 year ago

Great piece!! It hits it head on. At least in my life. I have a 6 yr old son and 5 yr old daughter. Both the same age for 2 days. They keep me busy.

RandiK 1 year ago

Thank you, your post was amazing! I feel the same sometimes, and subconsciously wait for it to hit some others.

Dianna Barlow Nielson 1 year ago

Love it and exactly!!!

Lahis Garcia 1 year ago

I thought I was the only one! Thanks. This text really hit home for me.

Jennifer Valasa 1 year ago

Oh my goodness. This came at the best possible time. My 9 month old was crying and screaming from exhaustion and during that time I decided to lay him in his crib to cry it out, but to mostly give myself a break. I read this article during the few minutes he was crying it out and it makes me feel a little less guilty that I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

Elizabeth 1 year ago

Amen, sister. I’m in my yoga pants with food smeared on them, and it’s cold so I’ve put my dressing gown over the top. My toddler is napping in my bed because his nappy leaked all over his last night and I haven’t even taken the sheets off yet.
I’m embracing motherhood- neither of us is dead, and we love each other and say so all the time. I appreciate the good stuff and when he has ear splitting tantrums, I pretend he’s not mine. Even when were at home.
And I’m a great mum.

Tarynn Playle 1 year ago

All of it, so very true. This is the hardest job there is. I’m pretty sure, that one day, I will sleep through the night. Until then, please pass the coffee.

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Tori 1 year ago

We tried for this baby for a long time. I just KNEW I was going to love being pregnant. I don’t. It sucks. I call this baby “the body snatcher”. The only part I have liked is feeling our baby moving.

Alexandra Stefanova 1 year ago

Anyone who tells me “Embrace the moment, they grow up so fast”, I want to slap them in the face, honestly. Especially my own mother, who never seemed to “embrace” any moment of motherhood, but now knows it all better.

Tori 1 year ago

Posts like these are the perfect example as to why I am having ONE child. I honestly do not know how mothers keep their sanity!

Karen 1 year ago

This. This a thousand times this. Thank you for this.

Bonnie Goldthwaite 1 year ago

Thank you so much for your honesty. When I was in your place, I thought I was the only one who felt this way.

Andrea 1 year ago

I love you too!!

Christine Dresslar Moss 1 year ago

I hereby promise to never ever tell a young mother of small, wailing, poopy babies to “embrace the moment”, EVER!

Candy Christiansen 1 year ago

Mine are {mostly} grown up and while I loved them as much as an exhausted, un-showered wreck could while they were toddlers, I like ’em a lot more now & enjoy borrowing little ones I can send home. You’ll survive this, someday you’ll love the memories of chaos but don’t buy into the BS that somehow you’re missing the magic. You’ll find it with regular sleep 😉

Chrissie 1 year ago

Thank you. Thank you. AND Thank You. I agree let me play one game lol but usually turns into more than that. Yes, please text me. People I can’t hear you and you don’t want to hear me yelling at my kids. The phone is a kid magnet.

Michelle Bourgeois McMichael 1 year ago

Thank you for this!! There are so many days in the life of 5 kids 2 dogs & always working hubby that I want to go cry in a corner like I’m the one in time out! !

Brianne McNally 1 year ago

I think the only comment I’ve received more annoying than “embrace the moment” is when a certain someone says, “what did you think it would be like?”

Megan Timmins 1 year ago

Hahahaha so true! And anyone that denies it is a liar!

sabrina 1 year ago

This is soooo true!!!! Love it. I don’t feel like a horrible mother, glad to know people feel like this other than myself!

JoAnne Spear 1 year ago

Here is my advice, it is ok to feel that way. Name one other person you want to be around 24 hours a day/ seven days a week, or activity you want to do your every waking moment. I love my husband, coffee, and crochetting but I don’t want to spend every waking moment with them. I love being a Mom but sometimes you are just over it and you need a freaking break.

Peper Lockett 1 year ago

I love your honesty we are mothers! It is not written we have to be perfect nor do we fail to be people ourselves. We have the right to our feelings whatever they may be.

Cheryl 1 year ago

Next time hand them your baby and the keys to the minivan and say “Why don’t YOU embrace the moment!” and go have a latte at starbucks.

It’s so easy to forget the hardships when your kids are having kids.

Nana 1 year ago

As long as you are trying your best, what more can you do? No one is perfect. That means no mother is perfect. There are some who appear to pull it off but really, we’re all running as fast as we can to stay in place. Mac & cheese won’t hurt them. You’re doing a good job, Mom. You can relax once in a while, the world won’t end. :)

Natoia Halstied Moore 1 year ago

Yes! And hell yes!

Attie Lordan 1 year ago

I sat by my Boy in the NICU and begged him to live. None mtha later me and my sisters nurses our dad til he died. I begged him to let go. Being a parent or being a child, the job of just doing it is hard enough. Momentos are fleeting, there is never enough to time, we should enjoy every single one. But sometimes you just getting through the moment is work. You have to do it and enjoy it on reflection.

Gretchen Kellaway 1 year ago

I love you so very, very much!!

Amy Vynalek 1 year ago

This is brilliant. So been there.

Lisa Hamm 1 year ago

Pure gold. couldn’t of said it better myself :-)

Giselle Castillo Wrobel 1 year ago

I needed this tonight. When i turned into Cruela De Vil. Why wont they stop whining??????

Jenni Freer 1 year ago

OMG this honestly has me crying right now

Jodi Gonzales 1 year ago


GWrobes 1 year ago

My first reaction too.

Secondly, can we be BFFs?

Christi Adrian-Monson 1 year ago

I think what annoys me most about that “Embrace the moment.” comment is the fact that it will be “embraced” no matter what. When we are old and grey and watching our babies with their babies, we will remember fondly all the little things about our kids’ childhoods… even the not-so-embraceable ones. Memory has this great trick about imprinting things on our hearts, even when our brains are too overwhelmed. So, adding completely unhelpful, patronizing and unsolicited “advice” to an emotional volcano that just needs to blow will more likely derail that emotional imprint that encourage one. I’ll embrace the damn moment later, when I have the luxury of reviewing it in comfort.

Shana Moran 1 year ago

I love this!

Holly Verboom 1 year ago

I needed a little
Giggle today! Thanks for this

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Cathy Mullery Moore 1 year ago

My favorite quote “The days are long but the years are short”. It is not possible to embrace half the crap that comes with raising kids.

Jennifer Biddle-Kratz 1 year ago

Know it’s hard but it’s also over in a blink:) Try to appreciate every moment

Attie Lordan 1 year ago

Loved it, made me laugh.

Liliana Cornejo 1 year ago

Love it!

Attie Lordan 1 year ago

Get off your high horse, Selfish Mommy ? Hates her kids ? It is exaggerated and tongue in cheek to give the rest of us a laugh you sanctimonious twit.

Lianda Jane 1 year ago

I hear you!

Suzanne 1 year ago

Can we add this to pregnancy, too? Cause pregnancy sucks, and I’m kind of over people talking to me about how great it is to be pregnant, how magical it all is. Only if peeing your pants, daily vomiting, crying hysterically at least weekly, and not being able to THINK is magical. I just want it to be done with and have my baby so that I can keep having sleepless nights, but with my baby on the outside instead of inside.

Jann Neiers-Squires 1 year ago

All I can say is a child did not ask to be born…..think about it

Jennifer Yodowitz Schoenfarber 1 year ago

Sometimes it’s hard to embrace it with only one kid-I can’t imagine 4

Nadia Arias 1 year ago

A lot of times as mothers we forget to be selfish! And we deserve to be sometimes! I love my 5yr old son. But he is not my reason for living. I am a woman first, and a mother second. I probably enjoy being a mom 30% of the time. That’s the truth. Go ahead and judge. I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. But I am a great mom! And I would never forget my child in the car!! #postfromearlier Lol

Jenna Melendez 1 year ago

Lol My teens make me adore my 5yr old and my 5yr old make me adore my teens…every age is hard and I think people are just reminding me to focus on the good moments and the overall joy. I never feel annoyed. I take it in, remember to breathe and smile. The fact that she is on number 4 is proof it can’t be that bad 😉

Heather R. Franks 1 year ago

This is awesome!!! I was starting to think I was the only new mom on earth who felt this way! hhaha!

Fallon Gallucci Plunkett 1 year ago

Wow I needed this

Sian Deveson 1 year ago

Omg possibly the funniest thing I have ever read about motherhood. Because of motherhood I peed my pants while reading it. Lol

Nelly G 1 year ago

I fucking love this, never read something that fit my life so well.

Samantha Shilk-Cockerham 1 year ago


Shannon Bolger 1 year ago

LMAO!! That was bloody brilliant. Laughing my arse off hoping I don’t wake my sleeping monsters.

Emma Key 1 year ago

Lived threw all this glad we are out of the little kid stage :)

summer 1 year ago

Right!! I have a five yr old that is CONSTANTLY up my butt. I say a little independence please!! Lol

Anna Olson 1 year ago

Hahahaha I feel this way daily.

Sara navarrete 1 year ago

#38 trying to read your blog without laughing out loud, because you wake up the baby who is nursing at 3 am. Love you blog, hey do you have cameras in my home to get ideas for your blog!!???

Vannia Vee 1 year ago

I’m laughing like a mad woman right now. Great article and so true.

Cobb 1 year ago

Holy freaking crap. #1 had me dying!!! This also is just simply AHHHHHHHMAZING!!!!!!! Because there is just so much yes going on here…

Courtney Hawk 1 year ago

This made me really glad I’m out of the baby stage. Lol. I can’t go back there…dark days. I don’t miss it.

Sarah Drew 1 year ago

This is just what I needed today!!!

Sue Forrest 1 year ago

You can’t enjoy every moment but this Lady absolutely hates her kids. Trust me, they know it too…they feel it. How selfish of her. I had 3 but it’s not their fault they need to be fed forget sick. SELFISH MOMMY doesn’t deserve kids.

Maeve Rhuad 1 year ago


Maeve Rhuad 1 year ago

I don’t have four kids. I can only imagine what a circulating must be. The more I read these articles the less I want a newborn and a toddler.

bonnie 1 year ago


Heather Kelly 1 year ago


Jennifer Stricklin 1 year ago


ChadnCheri Dove 1 year ago

Andrea Fought lol this is absolutely something I would write!!

Sharon Perry Lee 1 year ago

My youngest is 12 and I sometimes miss all those crazy baby times. I get such a kick out of Scary Mommy and reading these responses!

Nikki Rockwood 1 year ago

One of the best!

Nick Renter 1 year ago

way too many people out there who didn’t deserve to have children in the first place. the lot of self-centered humans make me sick :/

Valerie Skoczylas 1 year ago

Um this is pretty entertaining as long as it’s not happening to me. 3 months away from becoming a new mom for the first time and I am very convinced that one child is more than enough for me. God bless you all with large families. Oh and enjoy it while you can lol. AND btw just want to say since becoming pregnant I’ve read a billion different blogs articles websites ect. And it’s interesting how ridiculously preoccupied so many women seem to be with the way other women raise their children. Seriously ladies mind your own. Swapping advice and strategy is one thing but for goodness sake stop the judgment. Even if one of you really is superior to the other, I’m pretty sure there is no official award ceremony being held any time soon so get over it.

Jamie Seibert 1 year ago

And why are we obliged to embrace every moment? Who decided to start judging parents for being honest about this warfare we call parenthood? And, seriously, who the fuck made up the rule about having no other identity or worth other than mom and completely losing ourselves? I love my kids, I don’t always like them, they suck sometimes. I also love me, and I decided to keep some of me and enjoy non – kid things sometimes because as much as I know time flies, I also know my kids won’t be here in this needy little bubble forever and I have a lot of life to live after that.

Deborah Pyles 1 year ago

I loved this. While I no longer have any newborns in the house…omg can I relate.

Maria Asunta 1 year ago

I did embrace every moment of both my children as babies (ten years apart). I still do. I relive those times in my mind, and wish I could have another. My children have been the best blessings in my life always!

Jennifer Kohler 1 year ago


Nose Dive 1 year ago

AMEN!!!!!! That is all that needs to be said

Jaclin Acanfrio 1 year ago

IDK if you have multiple kids or their ages, but when I had just one I thought it was a piece of cake. With 3 now, ages almost 15, 8 1/2 and almost 7, there are days I want to tear my hair out. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate or love my kids or motherhood. It just means I’m a realist and it’s not always sunshine and roses. A lot of the time it’s survival.

Andrea Palmer 1 year ago

This made me laugh!! Every single word of this is so true!!! Loved it.

Anna Belle 1 year ago


Alina Malina 1 year ago

Of course it’s hard. It’s not perfect. Frig my 90 yer old grand ma just told me how poor I am. I’ve got 2 kids. 7 years and 6 weeks. Loooool

Heather McClintock Clark 1 year ago

This is hilarous! So spot on too. I laughed the entire time.

Jaye Fisher 1 year ago

I don’t embrace it very often at all. While I love my boys, becoming a mom was the biggest mistake I have ever made.

Laura Thompson 1 year ago

Lol yes:)

Amanda Prevel-Ramos 1 year ago


Kristin Kramer Dube 1 year ago

Totally true…

Melissa Dittbenner 1 year ago

Love it! I only have one and I feel that way sometimes.

Amy 1 year ago

Thank you.

Jordan Baker 1 year ago

As a person whom had to overcome infertility, I can tell you that I embrace every second, challenging and beautiful, because I almost didn’t get any of these moments.

Danielle Erwin 1 year ago

Pretty sure I died laughing. Hard. So hard. It’s so true. I get tired of people telling me to embrace the moment. I’m like, I KNOWWWW. And I KNOW I have two well behaved ish kids and I should be thankful and shut up because THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS THIS WELL BEHAVED. As I’m dealing with almost 3 yo toddler and 10 mth old baby while I’m 6 mths pregnant every day and all the stuff that goes with their interactions with me and each other. Yeah. It’s cool, I understand that’s how it is, but it’s not all smooth days.

Alli Finiasz 1 year ago

Love this!

Megan Brandl 1 year ago

I laughed and cried through this article. I only have one but I’m a single mum and I can so relate

Sara Audy 1 year ago

Friggin hilarious because I can relate on SO many levels!

Allison Spiva Hunt 1 year ago

Anyone who tells you to embrace the moment is either 1. High or 2. Forgotten how miserable motherhood can be at times.

Vivid Rife 1 year ago

Omg I can’t stop laughing (only because this sounds just like me) ha

Jade Estep Dalton 1 year ago

Totally agree…it’s impossible to enjoy every moment! Good days and bad days, good moments and bad moments, but to be honest I can’t wait till my kids get a little older…4 and 2 are tough ages!

Kristina Starnes 1 year ago

Someone recently said “Enjoy it.” To which I replied “How old are your kids?”
“23 and 25.”
“So, it’s been a long time since you’ve had a 3 year old. Let me tell you about 3…”

Shut ’em right up. Apparently, you only pretend to forget 3.

Charish Gillespie 1 year ago

Love it

Laurel Leslie 1 year ago


Lore Na 1 year ago

Lmao great article!

Melissa Sanchez 1 year ago

Yess I love this!! :)

Sarah Sanchez 1 year ago

Truth. :) because we’re moms, but we’re still human.

Elizabeth A Deeley-Gallup 1 year ago

Amen sister!

Ann Carter 1 year ago

This makes me feel much more normal! I have 3 under 3 and almost lost it today during meltdown times. Makes me feel better I’m not the only one not embracing it

Misty Roper 1 year ago

Omg, this was hilarious, mostly because it’s true! I’ve had thought #36 before as well.

Amy Snipes Jennings 1 year ago

I definitely was NOT embracing the moment today when both my kids decided to have complete meltdowns while we were out to lunch today. I blame the super moon.

Janeen Warren 1 year ago

What makes me mad when people say “enjoy every minute” is the people saying it usually are no longer raising children!!

Elizabeth Gilmore 1 year ago

I have four kids. Three I gave birth to and the one I married. I’m the last one to bed and the first one awake. So if I want to do nothing but read on my kindle for three days out of the month, I will, and the world well continue going. Thank God for mac and cheese.

Jaclin Acanfrio 1 year ago

My MIL actually told me the other day she NEVER complained about being a Mom. Well, hooray for you, would you like a medal? I was so annoyed.

Kim Bourgeois 1 year ago

lmfao!!! that was so true and awesome!!

Nicole J Molinari 1 year ago

This made me cry. My toddler just pushed me to the limit with bedtime. I am just so fucking tired!

Catherine Taylor 1 year ago

Oh the tired. Thank you.

Jennifer Howard Farr 1 year ago

This is great! Made my night!

Jennifer Harrell Tubbs 1 year ago

The tired.

Kristen Long White 1 year ago

Ha Ha Yes!!!!

Jennifer Howard Farr 1 year ago

That’s funny! My neighbor and I have An on going joke about wanting to push your kids down the stairs from time to time… If you say you havnt thought about it, you’re a liar. If you have thought about it and followed through, your a psyco lol.

Tiffany Ann 1 year ago

Pregnant with number 4 and honestly…. Thank you for this!! ( mind will be 6, 4, 1.5 when this new addition comes along and I’m trying to embrace but I’m so so so over it. Lol)

Chrissy Olthoff Kimball 1 year ago

Laughed and cried during reading this article!

Michelle Jasper Gilbert 1 year ago

Love it, I laughed out loud several times!

Andrea Medina 1 year ago


Jessi Crawford 1 year ago

Love it. Makes me feel a little less crazy!

Vanessa Lane 1 year ago

It makes you want to scream STFU to the person that told you to embrace motherhood!

Cheri Ezzell 1 year ago

I’m almost 60. Kids are successfully raised. Nobody told me it was okay to feel like dropping the kid on the floor….as long as I did not drop the kid on the floor. It is, you know.

Becky Huddleston Davis 1 year ago

I get so annoyed when women tell me to “enjoy every minute because they’ll be grown before you know it”. I know they’re right, but I guarantee you, if they’d look back, they absolutely did not enjoy every minute!

Pam Vaughan 1 year ago

I just turned 44 on Saturday. Ughhhh. I have a 5 and 7 year old that keeps me physically healthy but mentally NOT so much!

Vanessa Walsh 1 year ago


Laura Dudley 1 year ago

lmao with just having my first baby this couldn’t be more on point!

Michelle Bechky Lynch 1 year ago

Seriously. I embrace motherhood. Just not every second of every day. Cleaning poop off the floor, not embraceable. Remaking lunch boxes for the third day in a row because “Daddy doesn’t do it right”, not embraceable. Running the SpotBot over the same damn spot on the carpet for the umptheenth time because a child left a wet towel there again, not embraceable. I am mostly embracing motherhood. The people that tell me to embrace motherhood, aren’t parenting my five girls. For certain.

Jennifer Sullivan 1 year ago


Pam Vaughan 1 year ago

I certainly didn’t embrace bedtime tonight! This stay at home mom gig is certainly not easy or fun!

Candace Wegrzynek 1 year ago

Never laughed so hard…and felt so normal! Love this!

Charis Andrews Hanberry 1 year ago

HUH-larious. Seriously. I have experienced each of these, and I only have 2!

Jessica Allamani 1 year ago

Hahaha oh man you’re hilarious

Millie Viruet 1 year ago

Omg this is perfect

Murphy Van Meter 1 year ago

The crying for no reason… Oh God do I sympathize. I had the crazy exhaustion tears today cascading down my face like my personal Niagara Falls just because the kid kicked the wipes off the changing table. It was apparently the end of the frickin’ world.

Jana Kline Fligor 1 year ago

Love this!!!

Jeneth Bradshaw Taylor 1 year ago

That was wonderful! Bravo!!

Angie 1 year ago

Number 21 is my life. Every. Single. Day.

Ashley 1 year ago


Melisa Chappel 1 year ago

Love it!!! 4 kids. 15, 13, 11 and 1-1/2. Oh! I love it!

Tabitha Mearns 1 year ago

This is awesome.

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

I’m embracing motherhood…..just not the moment!” PERFECT!
That is exactly how I feel! I just learned that a high school classmate of mine passed away last night & I’m grieving her even though we didn’t know each other (we had 587 in our class), I’m sad because we’re all turning 44 this year, & I’m less than 48 hours away from that benchmark. So many conflicting emotions right now…..

Kathryn Walby 1 year ago

Does embracing the moment include taking a minute to read the blog while folding the clean laundry during bathtime? I’m thinking yes to the tired. So tired.

Jessica Olguin 1 year ago


Heather Irvin Klinger 1 year ago

O.M.G. 17!

Lisa Marie 1 year ago

Yep, its not a job for wimps for sure!! So glad you keep it real!

Becca Phillips 1 year ago

Glad I’m not alone. My boyfriend thinks I’m a monster because I don’t want our 5 year old up my butt all day every day =/ lol

Melissa 1 year ago

Omg I know.
I. Just. Know.
Thank you for writing this!
Sending cyber **HUGS** to you….hang in there mama!

Jocelyn 1 year ago

I only have one child, well, he’s almost 15, but this is brilliant. Well done.

Malyssa 1 year ago

Good grief. THIS. I needed this list so badly today. Thank you!!!!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

“I’m embracing motherhood… just not the moment!”
I loved that. AMEN. There were so many days when mine were littles that I thought I’d go straight out my mind. No regrets, but yeah. I wouldn’t want to do it all again.

Amy Butler 1 year ago

I love you