Parents Share The Funniest #ReasonsMyKidIsCrying On Instagram

by Megan Zander
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Image via Instagram

Parents use #reasonsmykidiscrying on Instagram to show what reduces their kids to tears

Kids get bent out of shape over the most ridiculous things. Rather than lose their temper or strain their eye-roll muscles while watching their kid have yet another sob session over something insignificant, one brilliant parent decided to document their child’s silliest tantrum for Instagram and marked it with the hashtag #reasonsmykidiscrying. The trend caught on like wildfire, with thousands of parents sharing their own photos of kids mid-meltdown, because we’ve all been there.

Asshole cat won’t even appreciate it anyway.

This little girl says if Ariel doesn’t brush her hair, she shouldn’t have to either. Thanks a lot, Disney.

She’s so cute that it’s almost enough to make you want to just let her take the eggs to bed and deal with the mess in the morning. Almost.

This little girl doesn’t know why she’s crying. So basically she’s all of us the day before our period starts.

You dared to drink your own cereal milk? Monster.

She stroked his cheek and said sweet things. How dare she!

Splashing in the toilet is never cute, no matter how adorable your baby grin is while you do it. Sorry kiddo, your tears are no good here.

In his defense, who doesn’t cry when there’s no cake in the fridge?

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