14 TV Shows From Our Childhood We'd Like To See Rebooted

by Sa'iyda Shabazz
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It seems that in the last few years, television reboots have been a really big part of the television viewing landscape. From shows like Fuller House, to the horrible reboot of Roseanne, we haven’t been able to escape them. Even reality shows like Jersey Shore and The Hills are getting rebooted for some weird reason (look, nobody wants to see Speidi as parents). Even though many of us are clamoring for some new and original content, if we are going to continue to be subjected to reboots, these are some that we would be interested in seeing.

The West Wing

In this political climate, it would be so interesting to see how Aaron Sorkin would approach the inner workings of the White House. There have been mumblings about a possible reboot, and hopefully they’re true. Because it would be really awesome.


Kate & Allie

Many people may not remember this ’80s sitcom, but it was brilliant because it was about two single mom friends who chose to move in together and raise their children. I would LOVE to see this rebooted in a more modern way where they’re tackling current issues, much like Netflix did with One Day at a Time.

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Pushing Daisies

This was one of the most visually stunning, quirky, fun shows ever on television. Ned, the pie man, his love interest, Chuck, and that little firecracker, Olive Snook, deserve more than ABC was ever able to give them. Since the show went off the air, creator Bryan Fuller has kicked around several ways to reboot the show, if only to give it a proper ending, but none have come to fruition (yet!).



There are a couple ways you could reboot a show like Thirtysomething. You could do a straight reboot, with the characters only years away from collecting Social Security and retiring, which could be interesting. Or you could start fresh with what it’s currently like for those of us in our thirties, which could be very eye opening. / Mario Casilli

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Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

A favorite of ’90s kids (I still know most of the words to the theme song), we actually learned geography and about the world from tracking that mysterious lady in the red raincoat. Kids would go wild for pretending to be sleuths, and wouldn’t even realize they were learning.



Given what has been happening with police all over the country in terms of police brutality, I would be curious to see how it would be taken from a fictional standpoint, especially in a city that has dealt with the very real fallout from police being scrutinized.

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In this day and age, one might wonder where there is space for a vigilante serial killer, but after the way this show ended, many people would like a reboot, even if to just forget the way the original ended.


Small Wonder

What would VICI (Vicki) the robot look like in 2018? I mean, she was already pretty realistic back in the ’80s, but imagine what she would be now. Would we even need the annoying neighbors who suspect something isn’t right with her? Doubtful.



Before he was a household name, Ryan Murphy created one of the wittiest, sharpest teen shows on air. Popular had some of Murphy’s signature eccentric characters (Leslie Grossman as Mary Cherry is still iconic), but it also really explored the power dynamics of high school hierarchy in a way no one ever has. It was canceled before its time and I want it back. ASAP.

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The Cosby Show

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Bill Cosby is garbage, so anything associated with him must be canceled, but hear me out. I want a reboot of the show that focuses on the Huxtable children. Forget Bill Cosby. Like, come on, we all know they were the more interesting parts of the show anyway. Picture it. Lisa Bonet’s Denise has divorced the Navy guy and is married to Jason Momoa. And Rudy Huxtable married Kenny and they have four kids, one of whom is named Bud. Just sayin’.


Supermarket Sweep

Okay, I will admit I selfishly want this one back just so I can compete on it. As a person who actually loved grocery shopping, getting to play games based around prices of common grocery items would be awesome. Plus, I know the key to winning is in how many golden wrapped hams I can fit into my cart at the end.


Living Single

Some people consider Living Single the black Friends, but they’re wrong. This show was so much realer and the relationships so much more genuine. In the past few years, there have been talks of a reboot, and with the show recently celebrating its 25th anniversary and streaming on Hulu, maybe we’ll finally get one?


Xena, Warrior Princess

’90s girls loved having a badass woman who wore leather and gladiator sandals before they came into fashion. Xena was inspiring as fuck for young girls, and let’s be honest, Lucy Lawless was gorge. But, if they do a reboot, Xena and her faithful sidekick Gabrielle must be a real life couple. It’s 20gayteen for crying out loud. Why can’t women in love kick ass together?



If you’re a late 90s/early 00s girl who loved boy bands, you definitely loved MTV’s spoof boy band 2Ge+Her. What started out as a movie turned into two albums and even a television series. With MTV bringing back some of their shows, and many 90s boy bands reuniting, we think MTV should think about it, even though it wouldn’t be the same without Michael Cuccione who played Q.T. He sadly passed away at the age of 16 from complications due to cancer during the second season of the show. At very least, they can release the movie on DVD??

There are tons of other shows that could very well be rebooted in the future. C’mon, TV producers, let’s get on it.

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